The Happy Pear: Recipes for Happiness by David & Stephen Flynn

Pear HappinessAs a vegetarian I am always looking for new recipe books that let me cook tasty meals that appeal not only to me but to the non-veggies in my life (aka my husband and daughter).  They are quite will to go non-meat for a meal or more but they need it to be substantial enough for them to feel like they aren’t just eating sides.

I haven’t come across the Happy Pear recipe books before (Recipes for Happiness is the third) but I have to say I’m a convert and so is my family.  It is chock full of recipes that don’t just feel like an add on to a main course.  Read More »

The Flexible Vegetarian by Jo Pratt

The Flexible VegetarianI’ve been a vegetarian for a long time – since I was 12, so over 30 years.  My husband, though, and my daughter (who is seven), are confirmed meat eaters.  As we all love cooking, we have had to figure out a way to all eat well – things that are healthy, tasty, and (at least during the week) easy.  Given their need for meat, and my non-need, it’s sometimes a challenge.

The current compromise is that we alternate – we have a non-meat meal, then a meal that includes meat but I take the meat out; sometimes that results in me eating plain pasta or a plate of veggies.  They aren’t very exciting.  Even my husband will admit the veggie meals are usually tastier and different from the norm – but there is no meat, and he misses that after a few days.  Read More »