(DIY) Indulgent Bath Oil

Recently, I got a sample set of Balm Balm bath oils for my birthday. I love bath oils (possibly because I’m lazy and it means I don’t have to remember to moisturise separately) and these were great; they smelt amazing and my skin felt really soft afterwards. My three favourites were Relax, Calm, and Indulge. Unfortunately they were tiny – there was really only enough for a couple of baths each.


Because I’m feeling more than a bit broke at the moment thanks to having recently booked two holidays, I have been doing my best to recreate them at home. So far, I think I have “Indulge” pretty much there. Thankfully, the oils they use are listed on the web and I played with the combination until it was as good as I could get it. I didn’t have the same carrier oils but grapeseed oil works just fine.


So, if you would like an indulgent bath tonight, you will need:

30ml of grapeseed or other light carrier oil, e.g. sweet almond
6 drops of Clary Sage
5 drops of Ylang Ylang
4 drops of Patchouli

Mix together in a glass bottle, ideally dark, or store in a cool dark place when not in use. You should get about five baths from this.

The oils themselves are all “soothing” but work in provide slightly different benefits:

Clary Sage: Soothes the nerves and aids a deep and restful sleep
Patchouli: Grounding, reviving and therapeutic (in times of shock). It is good for dry skin.
Ylang Ylang: Sensual and floral, it soothes the nerves and relieves emotional stress.


p.s., although I have taken a course on aromatherapy and use essential oils regularly, I am no expert. If you haven’t used oils before or want to know more about how best to use them safely, I’ve found this site really useful: www.aromaweb.com

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