High Summer Read-a-thon

So I hadn’t planned on taking part in the High Summer or any other read-a-thon when I wrote yesterday’s post. But then I came across it on Jaynes Book Blog and it sounded like a nice easy way to keep myself reading this week when I have so much else to do and books can easily end up set to one side. Also, I always find these a good way to discover new blogs, which I love doing.

Full details of the read-a-than are here but in a nutshell, you commit to reading what you can and post comments on your blog, Facebook, Twitter etc. I’m aiming for finishing Hidden (almost there so that shouldn’t be a problem) and also for reading Fallout by Sadie Jones as this was a review copy and I’ve been very lax about getting to it. Anything after that will be icing on the cake so wish me luck and feel free to join in!

Update: it’s Sunday and the read-a-thon is over today. My plan for daily updates didn’t work unfortunately, though I did manage a few Twitter check-ins (and found a few new blogs to follow the same way). Overall, though, I did well because I finished both books on my list and started a third (just to say, as in a few pages) – Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo.  The review of my first book, Hidden, which I loved, is here if you want to check it out. I also really liked Fallout but a review for this will have to wait till next week – definitely worth a read though.

And that’s all for this read-a-thon. Hope you enjoyed it if you took part…what did you read?