Book blogger hop: Scary movies (at least in my world)…

Halloween EditionIt’s being a while since I took part in a book blogger hop but, today, the urge struck and – unlike the last few weeks – the question was one I could answer with more than one sentence (one sentence always seems like such a waste of a post).

The other nice thing about this week, after writing three reviews back to back, is that it’s not about books.  It’s about movies…

Off the book topic – What is your favourite scary movie?

So, when it comes to scary movies I have to say I am a bit of wimp.  I think I want to be scared – but, when it comes down to it, I don’t really.  I blame my parents (who doesn’t?), who let me watch scary movies as a child, thinking because they were old and in black and white they were harmless.  How wrong they were!Read More »

The Mist in the Mirror by Susan Hill

25853382One dark and rainy night, Sir James Monmouth returns to London after years spent travelling alone.

Intent on uncovering the secrets of his childhood hero, the mysterious Conrad Vane, he begins to investigate Vane’s life, but he finds himself warned off at every turn.

Before long he realises he is being followed too. A pale, thin boy is haunting his every step but every time he tries to confront the boy he disappears. And what of the chilling scream and desperate sobbing only he can hear?

His quest leads him eventually to the old lady of Kittiscar Hall, where he discovers something far more terrible at work than he could ever have imagined.

There is nothing like a ghost story for this time of year, with the nights now darker earlier and the cold, foggy, mornings (at least in my part of the world). And, as far as ghost stories go, there is nothing quite like one written by Susan Hill. The Mist in the Mirror is no exception. It is a simple tale, spookily told, and one you can imagine being told late at night around a fire and with a glass of whisky in your hand.

The Mist in the Mirror is actually a story within a story, with a young solicitor being given a manuscript by Sir James Monmouth which he then finds himself sitting up all night reading. It is written by Sir James himself. In it, he tells about his experiences when he first moved back to England after years of living abroad. Now back, and determined to settle down, he decides to occupy his time by researching and writing a book on the man who inspired him to travel – Conrad Vane.

Everywhere he looks, though, everyone he asks for helps tries to deter him. Conrad Vane is not the hero figure Sir James initially thought. Still, he is determined, especially when he finds a link to his own family, a family he knows nothing about as he was orphaned at age 5. Even the ghostly figure of a boy will not stop him, nor the weeping child he can hear in the night but never find. It all adds up to the perfect setting for a ghost story and, from pretty much the first page, I had chills.

Chills are exactly what you want in a ghost story, not gore. You want bumps in the night and mysterious sittings of strange figures, unexplained noises and feelings of dread. Susan Hill gives you all these and more with a great twist in the tale that lets you know whatever evil was haunting Sir James lives on. Told in the first person, and in the style of the period, I was drawn in quickly and ended up staying up late to finish this one (it’s not a long book, more a novella) and would recommend it for anyone in the market for a spooky Halloween read. Liked this one a lot.


Who I’d Take Trick or Treating

This week, I’m linking in again with Billy from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer, who posts a weekly question on his Blog. This week, as it’s Halloween, the question is…

You can go trick or treating with any fictional character (book or film). Who would you go with?

When I lived in the states I used to love going trick or treating with my friend and her kids. It was a lot of fun. Thinking about my favourite characters, because of the types of books I tend to read, I wasn’t sure many of them would be fun to go with. More likely we’d stumble on a dead body or the world would end (though both of these are actually quite appropriate when I think about it!).

Scanning my bookshelves made me realise how few light-hearted characters I read. I did come across one though that seemed perfect – Bridget Jones.


I figure if you are going to go trick or treating as a grownup then you need to have a laugh doing it. I think Bridget would be the perfect person to not take the whole thing too seriously with and she’d definitely be up for dressing up in fancy dress.

Who would you pick? Someone sweet, scary or fun?

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Halloween Hero

With Halloween just around the corner, ghosts, ghouls, and other spooky things are very much on my mind, especially as it means I now only have one week to come up with a costumes for me, my husband, and my daughter. It’s also on the mind of Billy from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer, who posted this question for his weekly Blog Hop…

You accidentally unleashed ghouls from a novel and they are now running amok. What fictional hero (book or film) would you like to help you defeat the ghouls?

I didn’t have to give this one much thought. It would be Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer, because I don’t think there is a creature of the night (or day) she hasn’t defeated.  In my ideal world, we’d fight Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of my favourite novels and ultimate scary character but any big bad would do.


Why Buffy? Because I love that she is a strong female character and think she is a real role model for younger girls. I never get tired of re-watching the shows (yes, I’m a geek).  Plus she looks good whilst fighting evil and is funny with it.  I mean, at the end of the day, what’s the point of saving the world if you can’t laugh about it…

I was kind of unsure about where the party was.  And then I saw the flashing red lights and the ambulance, an it’s like, oh right, of course. Carnage. Death. It’s a Buffy party.

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