Recipe: French Toast

I always make breakfast beyond toast and cereal on a Sunday, even if it’s just scrambled eggs or bagels and smoked salmon. It is our “lazy day” and a great way to start it.

With today being Mother’s Day in the UK, I plan on making a huge stack of French Toast, my mom’s favourite. I know there are lots of versions of French Toast (aka Eggy Bread) out there but I thought I’d share my version anyways.


To make, you will need:

3 eggs
150 ml whole milk
150 ml single cream
1/2 vanilla pod
2 tbsp sugar
8 slices of brioche
Fruit and maple syrup for topping (optional)


1. Beat the eggs and mix in the milk, cream, vanilla and sugar.
2. Soak each slice of brioche for a couple of minutes (turning over so both sides are coated).
3. Melt a knob of butter in a pan and add the brioche, cooking until golden brown on both sides
4. Put on a baking tray in a warm over while you cook the others – this puffs the bread up a bit, which I like, though I imagine you could also keep warm in tin foil.

When they are all done, top with fruit, icing sugar and serve with maple syrup.


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Coddled Eggs

Ever since reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, I have become slightly obsessed with coddled eggs. Which is a bit strange, as they are only mentioned once in passing.

It started, though, because I didn’t know what they were. Once I knew – it is a way of cooking eggs by gently steaming them – I had to give it a go, despite the fact that I didn’t have an Egg Coddler. Luckily Martha Stewart came to the rescue, offering baby food jars and tea cups as alternatives. I decided to use a ramekin and this has worked really well.

There really isn’t a lot to coddling eggs, you simply coat your dish in a little butter to stop the egg sticking, add the egg, put the dish in an inch of simmering water and cover (I use the pan lid but have also used tin-foil and parchment paper – thank you Martha for this suggestion as well). You then leave the egg to cook in the gently simmering water for 8 – 10 minutes until the whites are cooked and then serve.

The ease is one of the reasons I like them but I also like that you can add other ingredients to make them different each time. This morning, I used spinach, cheese and a little crème fraiche, topped with salt, pepper and spring onion and am already planning on Sage for my next attempt.


Sorry the photos aren’t much better but I took on my phone and food photography isn’t something I normally do. However, I can promise they are very tasty and easy too. Enjoy!


This post is linking in with Weekend Cooking with Beth Fish Reads, a weekly anything related to food meme.