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Hi – and thank you for visiting my blog.  As you can probably tell, I’m a book blogger and – as a result – have a bit of a passion for reviewing books.  About half the books I review are ones I have purchased or loaned out from the library.  The other half are review copies, a large percentage of which I self-select through NetGalley.  I’m also very happy to review books on request from authors and publishers – in return for the review copy, you will receive a fair and honest review.

As you’ll see from browsing through my reviews, I have a preference for crime fiction, psychological thrillers, and police procedurals BUT I stretch beyond this, reading anything that catches my eye or sounds appealing – lot would fall under the catch-all phrase “contemporary fiction”.  As well as fiction, I also read and review non-fiction (especially British history).   The only things I definitely don’t read are romance and erotica.

If you would like me to review your book please email me at giving a brief outline of the book and any deadlines that need to be met.  I will get back to you as soon as I can – ideally within a few days – as to whether I am able to review.  I’m happy to review paperbacks, hardbacks and ebooks, providing they can be sent to my Kindle email address.  I can review epubs but sometimes there are issues with these so they aren’t my preferred format.

My reviews are always honest.  I rate books by how I feel about them on the blog – so loved, liked a lot, liked a little and not for me.  These translate to 5, 4, 3 and 2 starts on Goodreads and Amazon, where I also post reviews.  If I find a book just isn’t for me from a review copy, I will contact the author and/or publisher to explain why and discuss whether or not they want the review published.  My reviews are also shared on social media (twitter, Facebook and I have recently started sharing on Instagram as well).  You can find me on:

Twitter: @littlefieldemma


Instagram: @littlefieldemma

Or you can use the contact form below.



Take care.

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