The Last Lie Told by Debra Webb #bookreview

Legal investigator Finley O’Sullivan searches for evidence the police overlooked, wading through secrets, lies, and betrayal to find answers. With the unsolved murder of her husband still very much on her mind, Finley must confront her own personal trauma on a daily basis. Lies are part of her livelihood, but they’re also the reason she can’t get justice for the man she loved.

When a man imprisoned for murder recants his confession, claiming he cleaned up the mess for his girlfriend—the victim’s own daughter—Finley takes on the case. She discovers the victim had identical twin daughters…and the sisters have very different accounts of the crime.

As she dives headlong into the twins’ traumatic past, Finley will have to contend with her own demons to get to the truth—before it’s too late.

My thoughts on The Last Lie Told

Debra Webb has written a lot of books. I’ve not read one of them until now. And even this one has sat on my Kindle for nearly a year. Was it worth picking up at last? Yes, absolutely. This is classic mystery and suspense writing.

A feisty, damaged, woman who is close to the edge and holding on for dear life and a whole cast of characters trying to make that job more difficult by lying to her and putting her life at risk, Finley is interesting and engaging. I enjoyed getting to know her and her back story, which has plenty in it for future books (of which there are at least two). I also enjoyed the main storyline, which had twists and turns and – while there were a few leaps that I felt were close to a bit too far for the imagination to stretch – an ending I almost didn’t see coming.

The other thing I enjoyed? The lack of gore. I feel like too many books rely on this now instead of plot (or maybe I’m reading the wrong books!). This was about brain power, joining the dots and good, old fashioned, detective work. I look forward to reading more Finley and see what she has to figure out next!



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