March Reads in Review

Hello April! I have to say, I am really glad you are here as March was pretty rubbish. My daughter caught Covid, then my dad and my mom. And, while none of them were that badly affected (thankfully), it did add a complexity to the month (home-schooling, double-shopping) that I found difficult for some reason to bounce back from and why I didn’t do much blogging – though, here the fact that I struggled to find books that I enjoyed – also didn’t help.


I had one five star read this month – Burncoat by Sarah Hall – a compelling read, if a dark one. Set in a post-pandemic world, Edith is in her last days life and preparing for the end while looking back on her life. This one wasn’t for the feint of heart, especially given the last couple of years, but it is a beautifully written book with a central character I came to care for.


After Burncoat, I needed something light and Mammy Banter was the perfect antidote. It’s a light-hearted look at the life of a mid-thirties woman trying to raise a teenager and two young boys while trying to find her missing mojo. Not my usual read – and not everything I could relate to being a bit (o.k., a lot) older – but I did find myself chuckling quite a bit, which was no bad thing this month!


Unfortunately, after a good start, my reading month fell flat, with two books that – for different reasons – I couldn’t get away with. This Little Family was dark and uncomfortable (and probably should have come with trigger warnings) but also remorseless to the point it wore me down and I didn’t care about the horror at the centre of the story. Shadow Girls I expected to like and seem to be in the minority with on my view that it wasn’t that great a book. There was something there but it just didn’t spark for me. I felt like there were missed opportunities to turn this into a really scary ghost story, instead of one that left me able to sleep at night.

Overall, then, not the best month. I am hoping for a bit more this month! How has your reading month gone?

Emma x

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