Top Ten Tuesday: Books I haven’t blogged about

I’m joining in with Top Ten Tuesday again this week, sharing some of the books I’ve enjoyed but not blogged about.

This was a hard one (though I feel like I say that about each Top Ten Tuesday!) as since I started my blog, bar my mid-pandemic reading slump, I have tried to review all the books I’ve read. Looking back at my posts, though, I’ve realised some of those books that I have really enjoyed didn’t get reviewed (though a few got an honourable mention in non-review posts). And some of these are by favourite authors, which made it even more surprising to me.

First up are the MaddAddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood. I reviewed MaddAddam but not the first two books – Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood. This is one of those series that you have to read in order, and – because there is so much going on – are good ones to read back-to-back. Because of this, I actually went back to the beginning when MaddAddam came out and read the first two again. As with so many of her books, I was amazed by how spot-on Atwood was with her vision of a world where science took over our food and climate change destroyed the world as we know it.

I also realised I’ve never reviewed by favourite Atwood book, The Robber Bride, despite the fact it’s one of the few books I re-read every few years, or any books by Bill Bryson, even though I’ve read them all.

Two other series I read, enjoyed, but never reviewed were the Twilight Saga and Hunger Game trilogy. I think this was in the early days of my blog, and I ended up binge reading them. Because they were so popular, I am not sure I could have added anything with my reviews, so I didn’t write them.

Other books I was surprised I hadn’t reviewed were Sharp Objects, Dark Places, and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn because I loved them all and remember them as stand out books at the time, with brilliant twists in the tale that made you sit up and go ‘oh I never saw that coming’.

I think that’s my ten (if you count all the Saga books). Have you read any of these? Did you enjoy them?

Emma x


  1. I’ve read The Hunger Games books and only Handmaid’s Tale by Atwood. I did read Sharp Objects by Flynn and found it disturbing. When everyone jumped on the Gone Girl bandwagon I was contrary and didn’t go past the 10% mark. Ditto for the movie. Unfortunately I’ve read so many spoilers about the plot that I don’t know if I ever will. I read a memoir this year, Victim F, and her kidnapped defense was repeatedly referred to as the Gone Girl case, except hers was true and not a scam.


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