Top Ten Tuesday: Books Too Good to Review Properly (I have no words!) 

I’m joining in with Top Ten Tuesday again this week, sharing books I have no words for because I enjoyed them so much…though, as a book blogger, I gave it a go anyway.

My first thoughts on this were to go for books I’ve given five star reviews for. I think it’s more than that though. There are some books that I have read and never forgotten. Books I give as gifts and recommend to people years after they have been released. Many of these, I’ve featured on my blog, though not all. And for those I have, I know my reviews haven’t done justice to. These are the ones I decided to share today.

What’s strange looking at these is that only one sits in my most commonly read genre – I must be more diverse with my reading than I think! Have you read any? Would they make it to your top ten (well eight) list?

Emma x


  1. I would find it too hard to pick ten favourites, I think, but I loved The Girls – the only one of your choices I’ve read. I’ll be reading The Vegetarian soon though, so I’m glad to see you think so highly of it!


  2. Great job on the prompt! I’ve only read The Girls from your list, but I do remember struggling to review it properly. It was also hard to review without spoilers.


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