New to me authors

I’ve always enjoyed reading other book blogger’s Top Ten Tuesday posts so thought I might join in this week and share some of the authors that were new to me in 2021 (and who I’ll definitely be reading more of in 2022)….

First up is A Familiar Sight by Brianna Labuskes, which surprised me with a new twist on a format I’m very familiar with – crime fiction.

Next, there’s Highway Blue by Ailsa McFarlane. Not the cheeriest of books, but one that has stuck with me. McFarlane creates a dark and dreary but compelling world of a young couple trying to get by.

My third choice was an Amazon First Book and chosen purely on the description. Glad I did though. Bloodline by Jess Lourey is a mix of suspense, thriller, and horror (think Rosemary’s Baby).

Number four is a domestic thriller I had had sat on my bookshelf for ages. When I finally picked it up, I really enjoyed it – The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton.

Another book I’d had for a long time was The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan. Unlike The Perfect Girlfriend, this wasn’t a hit. I think my hopes were too high (which is what put me off reading it when it first came out) based on everyone raving about it on release.

Lastly, was The Minders by John Marrs, a book I was slow to warm to but enjoyed in the end (it was a big departure for me style wise).

And that’s it for me. Going through last year, I didn’t read a lot (especially compared to other years) but I hadn’t realised how much I had relied on familiar authors to see me through. It’s interesting this year, nearly every read has been a new to me author. And genres I don’t always read. I wonder what my list will be in January 2023?



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