My Week In Reviews: 16th January 2022

Happy Sunday and welcome to another weekly update where I share a little about what’s happened to me this week and the books I’ve reviewed.

First off, I want to apologies to anyone who has visited my blog and who I haven’t visited in return. I use my iPad and iPhone for most things online and neither will let me comment on Blogger blogs. I’m not sure if this is something other people have a problem with and if there is a workaround? If so, please let me know.

Other than these technical problems, it’s been a good week. Work is finally calming down and I’m starting to see that work-life balance I lost last year. We had friends over on Friday for drinks (planned for Christmas but then cancelled because of the omicron surge), which was a lot of fun, and my daughter had her first (almost) post-pandemic sleepover, which was another step back into whatever ‘new normal’ we will find ourselves in this year. I also (finally) got to see the new Spiderman movie, which I really enjoyed.

Book wise, I haven’t done much reading (what with my busy social life) but I did manage to get three reviews posted, a bit of a record for me, and share some of the books that have recently made it one my shelves…

This Week on the Blog

Thankfully, this weeks reviews are much more positive than last weeks. First up was The Couple at No. 9 by Claire Douglas, who is one of my favourite authors. This was a great read, which likeable characters and a twist that – while I saw it coming – was still satisfying. My only complaint – the title, which didn’t make much sense to me.

I followed that with A Deadly Influence by Mike Omar, a new author new to and the start of a new detective series. I really liked the detective (Abby Mullen) and the story – although there was a little too much set up for the second book in the series.

Jan Caron, who wrote The Raptures, was another new author for me and another one I’ll be looking out for because I loved this book. It’s hard to describe, and it isn’t my normal type of read, but it just hit the perfect note. I didn’t want to put it down. And, now I have, I want to pick it up again. It’s been a while since I was this excited about a book and I hope it’s a good sign for the year to come.

And that’s it for this week. How has your week – reading and otherwise?

Emma x

Joining in with the Sunday Post and Kimberly, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer


    • It is a struggle. I do have a tendency to lose myself in work, even when I don’t actually enjoy a job. When I come out the other end, I always regret time lost with family. I was determined when I took on a new job a year and a bit ago to not do it again. I’m not perfect but I’m getting there.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed your books. I like the sound of The Couple at No. 9. I haven’t read this author, but I’ll be checking her out.

    I think we are all struggling to find our work/life balance. I’m retired, so there is no “work” involved, unless we count blogging. LOL.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. I can’t help you with your Blogger problem, maybe it’s a Google setting?

    The Couple of No 9 seems really good and it’s making the rounds here on the blogosphere. Will take a look.

    Have a good week and happy reading!

    Elza Reads


    • I have no idea what is wrong. It lets me log in to google but then won’t let me post. I got it working on my phone for a while but now that has stopped as well. Tried deleted cache, history etc. I will have to use the laptop I think – something I try to involve as I spend all week on it for work. Oh well. Enjoy The Couple at No 9 if you get to it!


  3. Influence sounds good- yay for a new series! And glad you had a little bit of normalcy- it’s good to have that given how crazy everything has been!


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