My Week In Reviews: 12th December, 2021

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone’s had a good week. Work wise, mine was much better than the week before – for the most part. I got my tender submitted Wednesday and promptly crashed, a mix of physical and mental exhaustion. I shut down my computer and expected to catch up on sleep. I was too wired though I think and ended up lying down but binge watching Maid instead, which was excellent, if a bit grim in places (and a reminder, once again, about how lucky I have been in life).

Because I had a better work/life balance this week, I managed to get two reviews up, though no other posts. Unfortunately, neither book were what I hoped. I struggled with the characters (didn’t ‘bond’ with any of them), and the plots (not enough complexity).

Other than that, there isn’t much to report blog wise. Life wise, I’m finally in the Christmas spirit. The bauble wreath I promised my daughter we’d do is made (though now a table decoration), and our trees are up. I have a few presents still to buy but other than that I’m done bar food shopping.

More than anything though I’m starting to look forward to my time off and time with my family. For the first time I can remember I have the whole of my daughter’s school holidays off. Omicron permitting, I have plans for each day of the week. All fingers and toes are crossed.

And that’s it for me this week. Have a good one all!

Emma x

Joining in with the Sunday Post and Kimberly, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer


  1. I’m sorry the books weren’t what you hoped. SOunds like you are getting ready to enjoy a nice holiday season with family. Have a good week and Happy Reading!


  2. I’m sorry to read these books weren’t as good as you’d hoped. I hope this week goes well for you.
    Have a great week and happy reading.


  3. How lovely to have the whole of the holidays off with your daughter – Omicron permitting, of course. It’s so often time that is in desperately short supply at this time of the year, so I hope your plans all work out and it will be a lovely Christmas, Emma:).


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