One Small Mistake by Dandy Smith #BookReview

One small mistake. One deadly consequence.

Elodie Fray wants to be more like her perfect sister, Ada, the one her parents are actually proud of. When she decided to quit her job and pursue her dream of becoming an author, she thought it would be her time to shine, but a year on nothing has happened. And she’s getting desperate.

When Elodie makes one small mistake on a drunken night with a friend, things quickly spiral and suddenly everyone believes she has a book deal. Unable to find a way back from her little lie, her perfect dream becomes a perfect nightmare – and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meanwhile, everything is not as it seems in Ada Archer’s perfect life. When her sister suddenly disappears, she questions everything – from her marriage, to the man who’s been charged with Elodie’s abduction. The papers say it’s him, but the more she digs into her sister’s life the less convinced she is. Ada will do anything to discover the truth, even if it kills her.

No one knows what happened to Elodie Fray, and now her only chance of survival is her sister.

My thoughts on One Small Mistake…

I read lots of books where the central character is a young woman who is either trying to find herself or recovering from a traumatic break-up / life event that means she is vulnerable to a manipulative man (or occasional woman). One Small Mistake is a perfect example of this. Elodie’s boyfriend died, leaving her feeling lost. To help her recover, she quits her job and sets out to be a writer, just what her boyfriend said he wanted for her. Unfortunately, the rest of her family are nowhere near supportive of her dream. As a result, she is not only lost but alone. Which is why when her best friend comes up with a really bad idea, she decides it’s a risk she needs to take.

All this takes up the first third of the book, which I really enjoyed. There was a tension that comes from not quite knowing where the story is going and just who the ‘bad guy’ (or woman) is. And, even though I really didn’t like Eloide, I was rooting for her. After that, though, for me the book somewhat comes of the rails. It’s not bad. It just asks me to take one too many leaps of disbelief, meaning I’m left feeling it’s all a bit silly. And totally disliking Eloide, which didn’t help. I could see what was coming, and was rushing to get to the end to prove myself right and move onto my next read.

A shame really, as there was something there – it just wasn’t enough for me to really enjoy the book. Three stars.


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