Week in Review(s)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an update post. In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve done much on my blog at all. For most of last year, I barely picked up a book. Reading felt like a chore.

This year, things started to change. I found myself enjoying reading again, posting book reviews on the blog, and engaging with other book bloggers.

I’m fairly confident that I’ve turned a corner, which makes me happy. And it’s why I’ve decided to join back in with Kimberly, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer on her Sunday Posts.

Not that there is a lot to report this week. It’s been an odd one with the kids going back to school. Home schooling was hard this time round so I should have been thrilled that my daughter went back. Instead, I found myself missing her and the noise. The house was so quiet!

Blog wise, I posted two reviews. The first was a new release and the first in a new series by Carole Wyer. An Eye for an Eye was a highly enjoyable police procedural with an interesting and engaging female detective that I’m looking forward to getting to know more.

The second was a 2019 release, The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell. I love Lisa Jewell. I don’t think there’s been a book of hers I haven’t enjoyed. This was no exception. It’s a dark tale of a family torn apart when their mother decides she needs more from life than she already has.

I have a few more reviews to post this week, including Fragile by Sarah Hilary, and I might even start with some non-review posts too (if I can get my brain working on all cylinders). Other than that, I plan on visiting a lot more blogs than I have been. Starting with as many as I can from the Sunday Post. It will be nice to ‘meet’ people again!

Have a good week all!

Emma x

6 thoughts on “Week in Review(s)

  1. That is so understandable. 2020 was a mess for most of us and I can understand why you were putting off reading and blogging. And I am glad you are back! Stay safe

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  2. Welcome back! My reading was really down for most of last year- I blame the pandemic!- but it’s slowly rebounding as well. And I hear you on back to school!

    I like Lisa Jewell too. I’ve read a few of her books and they’ve all been great.


    • A belated thank you (already a week behind on comments!). Unfortunately all my good intentions were for nothing this week after catching my daughter’s’back to school cold’…next week – she says again 😜


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