Innocent by Erin Kinsley #bookreview

The pretty market town of Sterndale is a close-knit community where everyone thinks they know everyone else. But at a lavish summer wedding a local celebrity is discovered slumped in the gardens, the victim of a violent assault that leads to a murder investigation.

As the police search for answers, suspicion and paranoia build – and the lives of the locals are turned upside down. Secrets that lurk beneath the pristine façade of Sterndale come to light as detectives close in on the truth…

My thoughts on Innocent

Innocent is one of those books that seems written for TV. I can picture it now as a Sunday night drama. The location is perfect for that – a picturesque village – as are the cast of characters. There are plenty of seemingly perfect people whose lives are much more messy than they first appear.

This includes the victim himself, a handsome TV presenter who women find irresistible but who only has eyes for his wife. Or does he? She isn’t so sure, especially when she starts to dig into his past, uncovering secrets he would rather stay buried. The police are digging too, coming to some of the same conclusions as his wife.

One of the great things about Innocent is that nothing is as it seems. Which means – as a reader – I really had no idea just who was telling the truth or where that truth was leading. It meant turning the pages was really easy. I wanted to know what happened. Kudos to Erin Kinsley for that.

What wasn’t as great for me – and this is a personal preference for the type of books I read – is that it was a bit too gentle. Call me gruesome but there weren’t enough murders, or enough life-and-death situations to really get my pulse racing.

This doesn’t mean it was a bad book, just not one that was a 100% for me. For those who like a little less blood and guts, I think this will be a hit. Enjoy!

Emma x

Please note: I received a copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review. All thoughts, feelings and opinions are my own.

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