Have You Seen Me by Kate White #bookreview

She’s desperate to find her missing memories – but they could unlock her worst nightmares… 

Ally Linden walks into her office early one morning, only to be told she hasn’t worked there in five years.

Although she pieces together the years she has forgotten, the last two days remain in darkness.

Ally went into a fugue state – but what was so traumatic that it made her disconnect from her whole life?

And why does she feel as if someone is trying to keep her memories buried?

My thoughts on Have You Seen Me…

How I love secrets! I love how they slowly bubble to the surface, how they make me think no one is above suspicion, especially spouses and best friends. I love how they make me think about how I would react in a given situation – would I do a better job of ferreting out the truth than the characters themselves? Or would I be just as trusting (which – as we all know – is never a good idea when it comes to domestic thrillers!).

The answer is probably yes (we all want to trust the people we love don’t we?). This doesn’t stop me almost yelling at the page though when I see a character doing something that is obviously a mistake though. And there was plenty of yelling here. But in a good way because this was a good book.

Kate White does a great job in Ally, a character that I found myself caring about. And she takes what is a fairly standard plot for the genre and making it feel fresh and interesting. There are plenty of twists and turns, and they didn’t go where I expected them to. Which meant I was wrong-footed more than once and the ending, when it came, was a surprise.

I love surprises as much as I love secrets. Which means this was a good book for me. Once I enjoyed a lot and would recommend to others who enjoy a good old psychological thriller.


Emma x

Please Note: I received a copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review. All thoughts, feelings and opinions are my own.

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