The Girl at the Border by Leslie Archer #bookreview

Renowned archaeologist Richard Mathis is half a world away on the island of Crete when he learns his daughter, Bella, has gone missing. Within twenty minutes, he’s on his way back to the States. Two days later, he’s dead.

Richard’s young assistant, Angela Chase, is devastated by the loss of the man who had become both mentor and friend, and she’s determined to find the missing girl, who seems to have made dangerous connections—and whose lonely childhood so resembles Angela’s own. Born Laurel Springfield, Angela now spends her days digging up the origins of a lost civilization while struggling to keep her own past buried. But will the search for Bella expose Angela’s carefully disguised identity—and will she find Bella before she’s lost forever?

My thoughts on The Girl at the Border…

Where to start with The Girl at the Border? A book I feel slightly (possibly more than slightly) confused about. On the one hand, it is beautifully written, with descriptive passages I got lost in, especially at the beginning. On the other, it’s a story that doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be or where it’s going.

It starts with an archaeological dig, that takes up quite a chunk of the beginning of the book and, beyond introducing Angela as a character, goes nowhere before it heads back to the states. Which is where you discover that Angela isn’t who she says she is (thanks to childhood flashbacks), and organised crime comes into the picture; Angela, it seems, is on the run.

She’s willing, however, to put her life at risk to find Richard’s daughter, a man who doesn’t seem to have many redeeming features but who she is probably in love with. Richard is dead. It wasn’t an accident. His daughter is missing. But why? Enter the CIA and Islamic terrorists, both of which Angela will need to face down.

Confused? I was. Which is why I didn’t know where to start with this review. I can’t say I enjoyed the book, though because of the style of writing, it wasn’t hard to read. I kept thinking I was getting one type of story, before another came up and I had to switch direction; whiplash comes to mind.

Was it awful? No. Would I recommend it? Unfortunately not. I think some people would like it, but it really wasn’t for me. Sorry!

Emma x

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