The Silence by Daisy Pearce #bookreview

The Silence Daisy Pearce

She’s broken. She’s vulnerable. She’s just what Marco was looking for.

Stella Wiseman was a child TV star, but there’s nothing glamorous about her life now. Alone in her thirties, she’s lost her parents and her friends and she’s stuck in a dead-end job. But just as she hits rock bottom she meets Marco, a charismatic older man who offers to get her back on her feet. He seems too good to be true.

Is he?

She appreciates the money he lavishes on her. And the pills. But are the pills just helping her sleep, or helping her avoid her problems?

With Stella’s life still in freefall, Marco whisks her away to a secluded cottage where she is isolated from everyone except him. But the closer he pulls her, the worse she gets. He tells her it’s all in her head, and she just needs time away from the world.

No longer sure what’s real and what’s not, Stella begins to question whether she was wrong to trust Marco. Was she wrong to trust herself? Is the one person she thought was fighting for her survival actually her biggest threat?

My thoughts on The Silence

The Silence is one of those books that sounds right up my street based on the blurb.  It’s also a book that I’m finding harder and harder to read because I’ve read so many of this genre with what is – at its heart – the same plot as so many others…a woman who doesn’t believe in herself meets and plans to marry a man that everyone else thinks is a bit dodgy. Only the woman at the centre of the story can’t see it.

And that’s what you get with The Silence, a very familiar story. Saying all that, you also get a very good story, which means even if you are like me – somewhat jaded – you will probably still enjoy it. I know I did.  It’s tightly written and the central character, Stella, is interesting and engaging while the bad guy is nice and evil. Plus, there are some twists and turns I didn’t see coming at all…and that is hard nowadays.

All in all, then, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes psychological thrillers that are well written with good pace. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Emma x


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