Plants Taste Better by Richard Buckley

plants taste better richard buckleyPlants Taste Better offers 70 vegan recipes that look at using as much – if not all – of the plant you can and, whilst not a vegan myself (I’m a vegetarian), I have to say I am intrigued by the idea of cutting more animal-based products out of my diet.  My main problem when it comes to this is, though, how dull a lot of the recipes I look up online seem.  Not any more.

Not only is Plants Taste Better one of the most gorgeous cookbooks I have come across in a while, with pictures of food that made my mouth water, it is also one of the most interesting, from Buckley’s philosophy that put vegetables front and centre, to the range of recipes on offer.  I feel like if I did decide to become a vegan, I wouldn’t be bored with the range of options available.

The book covers snacks like hummus (easy to make and much better than the store bought varieties) and sauces like pesto (which unfortunately used up all my fresh basil – not that I’m complaining) before going onto soups, light lunches, salads, mains, deserts and breads.  There are 70 recipes in all and there aren’t any that I don’t think I could give a go to.

One of the things I love about the book is how simple they make even the most complicated looking dishes seem to make.  Instructions are clear and simple and don’t run into pages and pages.  Where you might need help (like in how to make gnocchi) there are pictorials to make your life easier.  This is one of the next ones on my list to make and I’m pretty sure I will be staring intently at the page when I do.

Probably the only thing that looks out of my skill range right now is the bread, which I have been struggling to make well, but then maybe this is the book that will help me fulfil my new years resolution of making a good, tasty, loaf from scratch?  Either way, when I build up the courage I will be giving it a try because I am not sure I can keep away from this book.

Emma x

loved-it About the book….

You will truly push the envelope on what you can accomplish in the kitchen with Plants Taste Better. This plant-based recipe book puts vegetables on center-stage, and gives you a deeper understanding of the techniques which make them shine.

Cooking plants is an art form completely different from cooking meat or fish. It requires not only a solid grounding in traditional cooking techniques, but also a deeper understanding of new techniques specific to working with plants.

Current vegan cookbooks rarely address finer cuisine the way traditional cookbooks present preparing meats. Plants Taste Better presents you with stunning recipes that take vegetable cooking to a new level and highlights specific techniques in each recipe to enhance your skills in the kitchen.

Publisher: Jacqui Small
Publication date: 15th March, 2018
Number of pages: 224
Genre: Food, Non-Fiction
Rating: 5 out of 5


Note: I received a copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review.  All thoughts, feelings, and opinions are my own.


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