Weekly update: 4th February, 2018

Morning all and welcome to my first February update, another month that has started with rain – when will we get some better weather?  For a short month, February is apparently the one that feels like the longest.  I think it’s because we are now all desperate for spring to arrive.  Fingers crossed it does soon.  On other notes, it was another busy week for me with projects to do (but I’m not complaining) but also not as stressful because I didn’t feel as panic-y … I even said no to a job when the timeframes were too tight (it felt good).  It did mean I didn’t get as much blog hopping and commenting done as I would like but I did spend some time this weekend catching up and am hopefully about there now.

On the blog, I posted two reviews.  First up was The Hoarder by Jess Kidd, who writes beautifully and has created a wonderful world of quirky characters with a supernatural twist.  Whilst I didn’t enjoy this as much as her first book (Himself), I would still definitely recommend this one.  This was followed up with The Death House by Sarah Pinborough, a young adult dystopian novel that I really enjoyed.  It was another book that I thought was beautifully written and wonderfully dark.


These were two of my favourite books of the month, which I shared on Wednesday.  They were also books that took me outside my comfort zone, a zone I was firmly back in with the books I added to my shelves this week.


All three of these are ebooks, something I’ve been trying to – if not steer clear of, then at least cut back on.  I talked about my plans to alternate ebooks and physical books this week here.


And that’s it for me this week. What about you? What have you been up to, reading and otherwise?

Emma x

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  1. I agree that February always seems like the longest month! For us, it’s totally because we’re waiting for spring to come in March… usually we’re out of the worst of the snow storms by March. I’m sooo looking forward to putting my boots and winter coats away this year 🙂 Hope February goes quickly for you, Emma!

    1. The waiting for spring is the killer. I am so over winter, rain, sleet and snow!

  2. The death House certainly looks interesting, and I’ve seen Sarah Pinborough’s name around a lot lately. Also I love the look of that Mackintosh one, and that rather chilling tagline makes me very curious!

    1. It really was – a great read, now I’ll need to look for her other books.

  3. It does feel like this can be a long month but Spring is on it’s way. Though around here it could still be kind of chilly as our weather can be finicky. I can’t wait for you to read your new books they look really interesting. 🙂

    Week in Reviews

    1. I can’t wait for spring. Cold is fine but I would love less rain!

  4. Saying no to projects is an art (that I still don’t wield with confidence :D)

    1. I know – I think I have a way to go but it did feel good I have to say!

  5. I was drawn to The Hoarder…but discovered it has a different title here, and isn’t available until May: Mr. Flood’s Last Resort.

    I have to watch those titles…sometimes I buy the same book twice!

    I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for Let Me Lie.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. I saw Mr Flood’s Last Resort and thought it was a different book!!

  6. I am reading The Dead House by Billy O’Callaghan, funny that the books have the same name, different authors. I have promised myself that I will read only books I find interesting this time around.

    I hope you have a great week of reading!

    Mary @StacingMyBookShelves!

    1. I see a lot of books with the same title. It might be fun to read this one too and see how different they are.

  7. Wow! That’s a lot of awesome books you got here! I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my Book Photo Sunday Post:


    1. Fingers crossed I will 🤞

  8. February started with snow for me. I guess the weather is a good excuse to stay inside and read. Have a great week!

    1. Definitely a good excuse. We are supposed to have snow tomorrow so that’s my plan.

  9. Oooh, I’m excited to hear about the new Clare Mackintosh! I saw it on NetGalley but I’m trying not to go overboard there.

    1. Me too- I just couldn’t resist!

  10. Good to know about The Hoarder. I gave up on Himself.

    1. I don’t think this style is for everyone but it suits me.

  11. Your books are all new to me. I really prefer ebooks but am trying to choose some books from my physical TBR mountain too. I have way too many filling the shelves. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  12. February drags forever and the weather always seems to be awful. The Claire Mackintosh sounds amazing and I’m glad to know The Hoarder was good. Himself didn’t really appeal to me but this one sounds interesting. Have a great week!

  13. I’m adding the Hoarder and the Last of the Greenwoods to my wishlist. This week’s post

  14. The Death House sounds good! It’s been a while since I’ve read a YA dystopian! Especially a dark, beautifully written one.!

    1. It really was a great read and not my usual kind at all.

  15. Me Me Lie is on my get to stack! Lets hope February goes quickly.

    1. I hope it’s good!!

  16. We are expecting rain later this next week, and I am hoping it does come. I wish I could ship you some of our sunshine and heat. The Hoarder sounds really good! I am not familiar with Jess Kidd. Your new books all sound really good. I hope you have a great week, Emma!

    1. Oh as much sun and heat as you could bear to part with! My mother in law lives in Florida and I’m so looking to go visit.

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