Weekly update: 28th January, 2018

Morning all and welcome to the last Sunday in January. It’s hard to believe the month is almost over, but given time goes quicker the older you get and I’m not getting any younger, it’s probably no surprise. Still, for me, it’s been quite a good month – getting my first freelance jobs was a big and brilliant thing. This week, it was also a tiring thing as I took on two jobs afraid to say no. I am sure that will change as I become more confident the work will come and I figure out my limits but it meant this week I had later nights that I have had for a while. Still, it’s better than week-in-week-out 9:5 so I’m not complaining (honest!).

The work did impact the blog a little bit, with posts early in the week but then nothing until Saturday, with my stacking shelves post – which was nice and short because I only picked up two books this week.

Perfect Girlfriend is especially pleasing because I won it in a giveaway and I don’t win very often. With the rest of my posts, I introduced my latest read, The Death House by Sarah Pinborough, which I have finished and really enjoyed, and I published two reviews.

Perfect Death by Helen Fields I actually read forever ago, as this is one of my favourite series, but I couldn’t review it till its release this week. Set in Edinburgh, Fields has created two great detectives and some great stories with very clever killers – I can’t recommend this book and this series enough.

Murder in Little Shendon by A. H. Richardson is a book that you really shouldn’t judge by it’s cover because, lets be honest, it’s not that nice to look at. But it’s a good cosy. Fun to read with plenty of red herrings. I don’t read a lot of cosy mysteries but this make me think that I should read more.

And that’s it for me this week. What about you? What have you been up to, reading and otherwise?

Emma x

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  1. I get the “afraid to say no” thing very well. It’s a freelance problem, I think. I always end up with too many projects. But when you have your footing, it should be easier to schedule things. Glad to hear it’s going well though, in terms of projects 🙂

    1. It’s hard at the moment as I’ve had three jobs but for three different people- now I need them to come back.

  2. Congrats on the first of many freelance jobs you will get. Not sure what you do but I am sure you will be great at it! 🙂 Enjoy your reads and have a great week!


    1. Thanks- it’s scary but I hope it works. I have a dream of only working school time and I think this is the only way to make it happen !

  3. Everything is Lies looks like a winner….and I am also intrigued by The Death House, even though the cover doesn’t grab me. I enjoyed another book by the author (Behind Her Eyes). Murder in Little Shendon looks good, too, despite the cover…lol. Enjoy your books and your week. Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

    1. I hope it is. I enjoyed The Death House a lot so this author is now in my good graces x

  4. I’m glad you’re having a great month!!! Congrats on your freelance jobs!!!

    Have a fabulous week!

    1. Me too – long may it continue! Thanks for stopping by x

  5. Perfect Death sounds awesome, and set in Edinburgh too? (a city I’d like to visit someday).

    Yay for the freelance work, nice that you were able to hit the ground running with the new year! Have a super week!!

    1. It really was. And a great city if you get there!

  6. Hope the freelancing works out – it’ll be great to have some flexibility about when to take on work and when to have breaks, especially with kids to deal with. Good luck!

    1. Me too. Not having to work school holidays is my dream!

  7. Yes… I think it’s always tough when you start working for yourself – hopefully when you have got a more secure footing you’ll be able to pace yourself better. Glad you’re still enjoying it, though:)

    1. That’s what I’m hoping for. It’s the point of doing it, to get off the treadmill and not just replace it with another!

      1. Yes – which is always tricky to get the balance right!

  8. I agree January moved really fast but I’m kinda happy because I’m ready for this winter to be over! 🙂 Yay for those freelance jobs! congrats! An yes I am sure that it will get easier as you become more confident so happy for you [and a little jealous ;)]

    1. I’ll be glad about the weather when it turns. I need to get out in the garden! I wouldn’t be jealous of me yet, I have yet to make it work!

  9. Perfect Death does sound good. I’ll add it to my wish list. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. It really is – hope you enjoy!

  10. It is courageous of you to go independent and all the best with it, at least your own boss! Emma I haven’t read O’Farrell before so this will be a test for me, I could end up in your basket with my read of her.

    1. Brace or stupid – time will tell I guess! Fingers crossed O’Farrell works for you as I know people love her books.

  11. I’m sensing a bit of a theme with the book titles! Definitely going to check out The Death House. Happy reading!
    Come see what I’m reading 🙂

    1. Just a bit! The Death House is well worth picking up!

  12. I can imagine that balance of work would be almost impossible at this point but it’ll get better and how exciting to be picking up freelance jobs! Murder in Little Shendon sounds great though I must admit that I’m not a fan of that cover. Have a great week!

    1. It is exciting and I just hope it continues! This is so a book I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise!

  13. Listen to your gut. If it seems like they’re going to expect too much for too little, they are. Say no. Come see what I’m reading.

    1. I know I should but it’s hard!

  14. I completely understand the “afraid to say no” thing. Freelance work is so unpredictable. Have a great week, and enjoy your books!

    1. I hope I get over it. It is unpredictable and quite scary. I wanted to try it though and get off the working too many hours for too many days a week treadmill – it won’t work if I’m working crazy hours when freelancing too!

  15. Its awesome that you have been so busy lately with your freelance work. You have inspired me so much to take a leap of faith and follow my passion.
    All of your new/read books look awesome. I actually like the cover for Murder is Little Shendon but I am weird like that.
    Have a great week and happy reading!

    1. It was a relief with the new year as I was a bit “this is it or back to work”. I hope it continues! Yay to following your dreams.

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