Hide and Seek by M. J. Arlidge

Hide and Seek

When I finished the previous book in the DI Helen Grace series, Little Boy Blue, I was left so blown away that the only word I could use to describe it was “wow!”.  I really wasn’t sure if it could be topped because the ending was so unforeseen and so big a twist for this genre.

I’m not sure Little Boy Blue has been topped by Hide and Seek but M. J. Arlidge does a good job trying with what is still an amazing book.  You’ll have to excuse all the hyperbole but this really is a brilliant book in a brilliant series, one I can’t wait to catch up.

For those reading the series and who haven’t gotten to the end of Little Boy Blue yet, there are spoilers here for the series so you might not want to read on.  They can’t be helped though if I am going to try at all to describe the story.  So apologies in advance.

In Hide and Seek, Helen is a place no police officer wants to be – prison, awaiting trial for three murders she didn’t commit.  The real killer is on the run, well a bit of a stroll really as no one but her friend and colleague, Charlie, believes Helen isn’t guilty.  It’s a situation I couldn’t see Helen getting out of if I’m honest.  It was all tied up so well and her guilt so easily explained.  Trying to prove her innocence, Charlie is like a dog with a bone, putting herself in danger and her personal life at risk.  It was great to see more of Charlie here, especially out of Helen’s shadow.  I really like her as a calendar.

While there is plenty of action on the outside, Helen isn’t sitting learning to knit.  First, she has to stay safe from the many criminals who want to see her dead (including ones she has put away).  Then, she has to find a serial killer, one who is killing the few friends she has in prison.  All while having no official part in the investigation or access to files.  It’s a tall order and it was interesting to see Helen operating outside of her comfort zone.

Setting the book in the prison is such a clever and different idea, definitely not one I’ve seen before, and I loved it.  I loved see Helen struggle to adapt and having to bite her tongue because she no longer had any power.  The location added to the atmosphere and tension too, making this a book I really couldn’t put down.  It wasn’t what I expected and that was great.  I can’t wait for the next book, which is now sat patiently waiting on the shelf for a gap in the schedule!


About the book…

Prison is no place for a detective
Helen Grace was one of the country’s best police investigators.
Now she’s behind bars with the killers she caught.

Framed for murder
She knows there is only way out:
stay alive until her trial and somehow prove her innocence.

Locked up with a killer
But when a mutilated body is found in the cell next door,
Helen fears her days are numbered.

A murderer is on the loose.
And she must find them.
Before she’s next . . .

Source: Library
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Publication date: 25th October, 2016
Number of pages: 368
Rating: 5 out of 5


2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek by M. J. Arlidge

  1. I want to read this series, but I haven’t even read Eeny Meeny yet…it is resting on Pippa, my Kindle. Maybe if I read enough of the later books’ reviews, I will grab it and read it sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for sharing.


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