Tuesday Intro: Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham

Once again I’m linking up again with Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea who hosts a post every Tuesday for people to share the first chapter / paragraph of the book they are reading, or thinking of reading soon.

tuesdayI’m also joining in with Teaser Tuesday, hosted by The Purple Booker, where you share teasers from your current read. I read a lot of these posts over the course of an average Tuesday so thought it would be fun to join in here too

This week, I’m reading a book that came out way back in 2001 and which has been sat on the shelf for too many years to count. Finally, though, I have gotten round to reading it, Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham.

Here’s what it’s about.

Detective Inspector Tom Thorne now knows that three murdered young women were a killer’s mistakes — and that Alison was his triumph. And unless Thorne can enter the mind of a brilliant madman — a frighteningly elusive fiend who enjoys toying with the police as much as he savors his sick obsession — Alison Willetts will not be the last victim consigned forever to a hideous waking hell.




And here’s how it starts…

‘Wake up, Sleepyhead . . .’

And lights and voices and a mask and sweet fresh oxygen in my nostrils . . .

And before?

Me and the girls are linking arms to belt out ‘I Will Survive’ and scare the shit out of every white-sock-wearing Camberwell Casanova in the club . . .

And now I’m dancing on my own. At a cashpoint, for God’s sake! Unfeasibly pissed. Top night.

And I’m struggling to get the key in the door.

And there’s a man in a car with a bottle of champagne. What’s he celebrating? One more can’t hurt on top of a bucketful of tequila.

And we’re in the kitchen. I can smell some sort of soap. And something else. Something desperate.

And the man is behind me. I’m kneeling. If he wasn’t holding me up I’d flop on to the floor. Am I that far gone?

And his hands are on my head and on my neck. He’s very gentle. Telling me not to worry. And . . . nothing . . .

What do you think – would you keep reading?

Emma x


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