Weekly update: 27th November, 2017

Weekly update

Morning all and welcome to another weekly update post, though this one is being posted on a Monday rather than a Sunday. I’m a bit behind with my posting because I was away this week, visiting friends (which was lovely) and, thanks to a slight blogging slump last week, hadn’t gotten round to writing up my post in advance.  It was drafted though so I thought I would get it up anyway and check in with all you lovely people out there and see how you were doing…good, I hope?

Thanks to last weeks slight slump, I only posted three times.  There were two reviews and a post on trying to clean up my TBR.   Review wise, first up was The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough, which I struggled with. It was beautifully written but I felt let down the second half. Then I reviewed Little Boy Blue by M. J. Arlidge, which might just be one of my favourite books of this year. What an ending!

LIfe itself   Little Boy Blue   The language of dying

I did some reading too, which was good (and maybe helped get me out of my slump) – now I just have to write the reviews.  Plus, I added some good looking books onto my shelves.

First up (which I have now finished and will be reviewing Wednesday) was Thieves on the Fens by Joy Ellis, which is one of my favourite detective series.

Thieves on the fens

DI Nikki Galena gets a series of anonymous calls. She is told the place, time, and who will die.

But the messages are in a secret language used only by villains. Nikki and her team must decode the riddles and work out where the threats are coming from.

Meanwhile, the Fens have been hit by a series of “designer burglaries.” It appears that a new gang of thieves are stealing to order.

And things get very close to home when a friend of Nikki’s mother dies suddenly and perhaps suspiciously.

Do any of these events relate, and can Nikki stop the thieves on the fens, before anyone else dies?

This was courtesy of Net Galley.  The next two, I picked up at the library…

imageNo-one remembers your past. But you do.

‘Antonia, Antonia. My name is Antonia.’

It’s been her name for many years. But sometimes, like tonight, she forgets.

Antonia has a secret. A secret so dark and so deep that she can barely admit it to herself. Instead, she treats herself to Friday night sessions of self-harm while her husband David is at the pub, and her best friend Sophie is drinking too much wine a few doors down.

Nobody close to her knows the truth about what the teenage Antonia saw all those years ago. No-one, that is, except her mother. But Candy is in a care home now, her mind too addled to remember the truth. Antonia is safe. Isn’t she?

The lies start small. They always do. But when the tightly woven story you’ve told yourself begins to unravel, the truth threatens to come to the surface. And then what’s going to happen?


The HoneymoonThere’s trouble in paradise. . .

For as long as she can remember, Jemma has been planning the perfect honeymoon. A fortnight’s retreat to a five-star resort in the Maldives, complete with luxury villas, personal butlers and absolute privacy. It should be paradise, but it’s turned into a nightmare.

Because the man Jemma married a week ago has just disappeared from the island without a trace. And now her perfect new life is vanishing just as quickly before her eyes. After everything they’ve been through together, how can this be happening? Is there anyone on the island who Jemma can trust? And above all – where has her husband gone?

And that’s it for me this week.  How about you – how was your week, reading and otherwise?  Let me know, I’m nosey!

Emma x

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  1. Thieves on the Fens looks great, and so does The Honeymoon. That looks like my kind of thriller! I’ll have to watch for your reviews of those.

    Have a great week Emma!

    1. Thieves on the Fens was great (not to spoil my upcoming review!). I love Joy Ellis.

  2. I gave up on The Language of Dying. I’ll have to add Little Boy Blue to my list!

    1. Glad it wasn’t just me on The Language of Dying. I found it so hard to read.

  3. Beneath the Skin looks good. I am glad Little Boy Blue ended up being so good! Hope this week is a good one for you.

    1. Doesn’t it. I am so thrilled by Little Boy Blue. So, so, good!

  4. I am curious about Beneath the Skin…and I’m eager to get to Little Boy Blue. But first I have to read the previous books! I have Book One.

    Have a great week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. I have read mainly good but some not so good on Beneath the Skin but I am hoping it is good as it sounds great.

  5. Yay, another Joy Ellis book though I am behind by two! I have them and really need to get on the ball and listen to them! 🙂

    1. I know. And soooooo good!

  6. Beneath the Skin sounds intriguing. Come see my week here. Have a great week!

    1. It does doesn’t it – mixed reviews but that seems the case for most of what I read nowadays x

  7. I’ve finally managed to get onto your site – but I had to go roundabout as clicking onto your normal links aren’t working… So you may find your stats are looking a bit measly – unless it’s just me! Have a great week, Emma:)

    1. Oh I will have to check it out. And look at my stats!

      1. Do so – it might just have been a glitch at my end…

      2. It seems fine now…:)

  8. Great that you got into some books that held your interest and got you over your reading slump, good books do do that! May it continue.

    1. It was. I needed a good read!

  9. All those books are new to me. Come see what I’m reading this last week of November.

    1. I have seen reviews around so I have high hopes!

  10. Haven’t heard of any of these! 🙂 glad you had some good time away 🙂

    1. I’m back in my comfort zone with them…hoping for some good reads.

  11. Three times is not bad at all Emma! I’ll have to check out Little Boy Blue! Hope you reading is getting better this week 🙂

    1. I know but I like to feel like a failure 😜 so far, so good this week – but it is only Tuesday!

  12. Thieves on the Fens sounds good. Girl Who Reads

    1. It was. My review should be up later today x

  13. I am adding Little Boy blue- that is quite a recommendation, and so my TBR pile grows again!!

    1. IT really can’t be beat. I hope you enjoy 😀

  14. Three pasts a week was awesome, Emma. At least you got to post some. I’ve been incredibly busy this week too. I’m so behind with visiting and commenting. I hope you enjoy your new books this week and have a wonderful week. 😁❤️

    1. I think I’ve got into the habit of posting more so now it seems like a low number. Not going to beat myself up about it though. I’m a big believer in only posting when the mood strikes. Hope you have a less busy week this week x

  15. The Honeymoon looks really great and like one that will make me feel like I’m in some place warm but glad I’m not because nothing sinister is going on. I think things are crazy for everyone right now so 3 is posts is pretty great! Especially when you’re having a bit of a slump. Hope this week is going great!

    1. I know what you mean. A warm climate would be good right now as we have just had our fiat snow!

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