Judging books by their cover #3: women walking away…

img_0666Yesterday, posting my latest read on Instagram, I commented that I had – once again – picked a book that had a woman walking away from me.  In a bright coat.  I really can’t resist these books and I’m not sure why.

Is the woman in question walking away from me or into danger?  Should I follow her?  What is she thinking – is she smiling, crying, scowling? So many questions and I want to know the answer to all of them so I have to read the book.

It doesn’t probably helps that these are books that fall well into my comfort zone – crime fiction, domestic and psychological thrillers.  So, once I’ve picked the book up, the blurb does the rest of the job.

So, as part of my – very – occasional series of sharing my love of covers then, today I thought I would share my ten favourite books with on the theme of women walking away (surprisingly they don’t all involve murder).  If any intrigue you, click on the link and you’ll get to the review.

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What about you – do you have a book cover you can’t resist or do these appeal?

Emma x


  1. I like covers with the women walking away…probably because they seem mysterious.

    In my own novels, I only have two (out of six) covers with the women turned away (not necessarily walking away). I decided on those covers because I wanted the reader to form her own impression of the character.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have realized a lot of crime or psychological thrillers involving women have covers like these. I always think they are headed towards danger! 🙂

    1. It is definitely a theme. I keep thinking they are smirking because they are up to no good!

  3. It’s certainly a ‘thing’ isn’t it? That said – they are all striking and eye-catching. The fact we can’t see their faces makes us linger, I think.

    1. It is. It’s the unknown I think – just what are they up to?

      1. Playing on our nosiness…

  4. It’s crazy to think that you can make a list of covers with women walking away! Intriguing!

    1. There were more too!

  5. These aren’t for me but you have hit on a topic that interests me greatly – you can judge a book by the cover, someone is paid to design the cover to make it appeal to genres and tap into the subconscious that you liked about book that was a best seller with a similar cover…just ask Dean Kootz

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