Tuesday intro: The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford

Once again I’m linking up again with Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea who hosts a post every Tuesday for people to share the first chapter / paragraph of the book they are reading, or thinking of reading soon.

tuesdayI’m also joining in with Teaser Tuesday, hosted by The Purple Booker, where you share teasers from your current read. I read a lot of these posts over the course of an average Tuesday so thought it would be fun to join in here too.

This week, I’m reading The Pocket Wife, which more than one person has said they really enjoyed when I posted I had picked this up from the library earlier this week – how can a girl resist?  Here’s what it’s about…

Dana Catrell is horrified to learn she was the last person to see her neighbor Celia alive. Suffering from a devastating mania, a result of her bipolar disorder, Dana finds that there are troubling holes in her memory, including what happened on the afternoon of Celia’s death. As evidence starts to point in her direction, Dana struggles to clear her name before her own demons win out.
Is murder on her mind—or is it all in her head?

The closer she comes to piecing together shards of her broken memory, the more Dana falls apart. Is there a murderer lurking inside her… or is there one out there in the shadows of reality, waiting to strike again? A story of marriage, murder and madness, The Pocket Wife explores the world through the foggy lens of a woman on the edge.

And here’s how it starts…

What do you think – would you keep reading?

Emma x

  1. I did keep reading and enjoyed this one. Hope you do too.

  2. I loved this one! Very intense and riveting…and then I went on to read the author’s next book, The Other Widow, which I recommend.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of many enjoyable hours with this one. Here’s mine: “MY ABSOLUTE DARLING”

  3. This is new to me, but obviously one I shouldn’t miss. I’m glad you shared it.

  4. Great reading – but blimey… reading a novel in 2 hours?? The protagonist is clearly wonderwoman…:)

  5. This is one I meant to read but never did. I do like the intro and hope you like this one.

  6. I would definitely keep reading! This one sounds really good and has been on my TBR but I just haven’t managed to read it yet. Can’t wait to see what you think!

  7. I don’t seem to be able to get enough of books which feature memory (usually absent) as it’s such a fascinating premise – happy reading Emma.

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