Crime series I’m officially given up on catching up on…

For the Cloak and Dagger reading challenge I have set myself a mini-challenge of finishing up (or catching up rather) with two series – M. J. Arlidge DI Helen Grace series and the Nikki Galena series by Joy Ellis – and I have to say, with so many other books on my to read list and September fast approaching, I am starting to panic a bit.  The books are all loaded up on the kindle or the shelves but others keep making their way to the top of the pile.

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Sitting there, thinking about when I might find the time to read them (or which books I wouldn’t read instead), I got to also thinking about all the other series I had planned at some point to catch-up on and decided to have a bit of look on goodreads to see if my plans were every likely to become a reality.  For three, I have officially decided they won’t be.  After reading the first book in each series and a couple more along the way, I have decided I am just too far behind and I’m giving up….

Still lifeFirst up is the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache books – there are 13 of them and I have read all of two.  I enjoyed both a lot and though Gamache was a great detectives and the plots nice and twisty (just what I like).  But Gamache obviously wasn’t compelling enough for me and the novels started to slip past me, never to be read.

Sworn to SilenceThen there is the Linda Castillo series, which I started to read forever ago – the first book came out in 2009 – and stuck with for the first three books in her Kate Burkholder series. I still remember Kate fondly and found the mix of modern and Amish worlds coming together fascinating.  Then, next thing I new, book six was out and I was lost – now there are nine books so I have no hope.

imageAnd finally there are the Camilla Lackberg Fjallbacka books.  The first in the series, The Ice Princes, I read when there were at least three or four more books out so maybe I should haven’t have even picked it up because I loved it (Scani noir / crime is a big favourite for me).

I remember trying hard to get through the other books but it just wasn’t to be and now, with 10 books out and only two read, I am not sure it ever will be.

I know there are probably people out there who are all caught up with these and are thinking “WHAT IS SHE THINKING? THESE BOOKS ARE TOO GOOD TO PASS UP!” but I just feel like there is not even time and too many books on the wish list.  What do you think? Do you have the same problems – are there series you will just never finish?

Emma x

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This post is part of the 2017 Book Blog Discussion Challenge, linking in with Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon at It Start’s at Midnight.



  1. Funny I’m right now drafting my August wrap up and September goals trying to decide what series I SHOULD finish since I never finish ANY! 🙂 But I hear you! So many books, So little time!


  2. I have the first book in the M. J. Arlidge series, but have not yet read it. I’m almost afraid, since there are so many in the series!

    I have also read the first two in the Gamache series and enjoyed them…but haven’t added more. Too many books already!

    I guess I will slowly add what I can, and take it from there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    • I think it’s when there are more than 3 or 4 I just know now I won’t catch up. I would really recommend the M J Arlidge series but there are a lot to read.


  3. Your giving up on Louise Penny’s series and I just recently bought the first one to try from a used book store. 🙂 I so understand that some times it’s just to hard to try and catch up on a series. I want to try a series that has a lot of books in it already and that always intimidates me, and some times I think it will be easier to just find a new series to start so I can stay caught up…well in theory. 🙂


    • I don’t want to put you off Louise Penny but I just can’t see myself catching up. I always think I will when I start a series and with only a few books to get to I probably can but with some of these, it’s just too much. The thought makes me stressed.


  4. I’m pretty quick to ditch a series (or at least not pursue it) if it doesn’t interest me. I’ve had a few of those lately and it’s often authors authors love. But… life’s too short and I have too many other books to get to.

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  5. I think series are what kills my reading plans – by which I mean trying new things because I have part-read so many – I do love the Camilla Lackberg one though and have pretty much kept abreast so I only have the latest one outstanding.


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