Challenge updates

I do love a good challenge and this year I signed up for two and created one personal one of my own.  Today, I was updating the pages and thought it might be fun to share where I am.

First up, I’ll go with my personal challenge – to read a second book by authors I read last year and swore I would read more of.  There were five authors – Nicole Trope, Colleen Hoover, Alex Marwood, Sarah Gran and Peter Swanson.

I’ve managed to read two so far, so a little bit behind.  One was great (Forgotten by Nicole Trope), one not so much (Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson).

I’m also behind with the Discussion challenge 2017.  I really want to do more discussions on my blog but I feel like I’m lacking in confidence to get my voice heard; I thought this would help me.

It has – but I still have a ways to go as I have only done three of my goal of ten.  I’ve written about Simplifying my blog following ways, Blogging rules (a.k.a. myths) I’m not very good at following, and yesterday’s Reading red lines?.  So, a ways to go here – I need to get cracking!

I am pleased to say that I am ahead of the game on the Cloak and Dagger reading challenge, having read 42 of my 56 book goal.  Saying that I do have to read more in the series I challenged myself to read – M. J. Arlidge and Joy Ellis.  That’s the plan for the next six months.

Over on my challenge page, I have highlighted my top ten of the year – there have been some brilliant books read – with highlights including (clicking on covers takes you to the reviews)…

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The fact I’ve done so well has nothing to do with I read more books in this genre than any other I’m sure!

Have you joined any challenges this year – how are you fairing – better or worse than me?

Emma x






  1. I love the idea of challenging yourself!
    For me this year is about getting my blog off the ground and finding my voice. I’m feeling really good about all that. I’ve seen lots of challenges around the blogging community and am excited about challenging myself next year. How exactly, I’m not sure yet, but I will.


  2. You’re doing a really good job with this challenge, Emma – well done:). I am trying to catch up on more of the series I’m reading before taking on more – I’ll post about my progress later this month.


  3. There are quite a few books here I’ve not heard of Emma even though we have similar tastes. I wonder how I can completely miss some releases and not hear anything about them. (Do I live under a rock!?!) I’ve cut back on my bloggy stuff though so not reading as many blogs and mostly see Australian-related stuff on social media or stuff others are reading there.

    I’m doing an Australian Women Writers’ Challenge and a Cloak and Dagger one so must actually think about tallying my reads up at some point. I’m pretty sure I’m doing okay though as I set my targets pretty low!


    • There are so many books I seem to miss…plus those that seem to not come out when I’m looking for them etc. I feel a bit guilty as I picked challenges that fit my reading anyways but it was good to see where I was!


    • There are quite a few books I feel like pass me by too, not sure how. I wonder if they even come out in the uk? I feel a bit bad in that I picked challenges that matches what I would likely be reading anyway but at least I can see progress!


  4. […] I also set myself some personal reading challenges, which I don’t know if they count for this answer, but were to help me read out of my comfort zone or stick to promises about reading new to me authors from last year.  I did an update post on all my challenges (bar the Classic Club because I am – again – embarrassed by my progress) and you can find that here. […]


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