Book blogger hop: the fun side of blogging

book-blogger-hop-finalThis week, I’m once again joining in with Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer‘s book blogger hop, where they post a question which you and other bloggers answer, hopping from blog to blog to see people’s answers. This week, the question is…

What is the most fun part/aspect of being a book blogger?    

So despite the fact that I have to admit that these last few weeks finding time to be a blogger has been hard, it is something I really look forward to doing and think about for more hours a day than I probably should.  Why?  Because it’s FUN…and I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t.  There are lots of things about it I find fun, and which I could put down here but time is short so here is my top three…

1. Meeting other bloggers, even if only virtually.  I have met some really nice people and found book bloggers to be such a thoughtful, supportive group.  Whilst I do talk about books with family and friends and am in a book club, it never seems enough. Being able to engage with people who love books as much as I do every day is the best.


2. Continually adding to my to read list.  I know a lot of people find their TBRs overwhelming and I know I have little if any chance of ever reading all the books that are on mine but I don’t worry much about that.  I just know that it’s rare I can’t think of or find a book I don’t want to read nowadays, which makes me happy when I look on my bookshelves or wander round the library.

young woman reading a book sitting on a books pile on the sky
3. Free books, because who wouldn’t love that if they love books? When I first started, I didn’t request any ARCs at all, then I requested too many, now I feel (like goldilocks) my request level is “just right” and I have a nice stack of books I can’t wait to read and which I’m fairly confident for the most part I will enjoy because I have gone for authors I know/love or books I have seen recommended.  It might not be daring but it works for me.

What about you?  What makes blogging fun for you?

Emma x

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  1. I’m with you Emma! My fav has to be the social aspects of blogging. I adore my blogger friends! Starting with you 🙂 I love visiting your blog, and chatting about books 🙂


  2. All of your reasons are the ones that keep me blogging…PLUS, I love designing and redesigning my blog. It is like redecorating the house, without having to buy anything. LOL (and I’m really a wannabe decorator).

    Like you, my request levels for ARCs are now just right, too. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I was just thinking today when having yet another attempt to decide which books to take on holiday – my favourite occupation, how lucky I am that I know that I have a great stack of books and if I’m ever stuck unlike before I started blogging I know where to find some great suggestions – for me this is the best part of blogging.


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