Book blogger hop: visiting blogs on linky lists

book-blogger-hop-finalThis week, I’m once again joining in with Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer‘s book blogger hop, where they post a question which you and other bloggers answer, hopping from blog to blog to see people’s answers. This week, the question is…

Do you visit every listed blog in the linky list when you are participating in a meme?

And my answer is yes, sometimes, and no, mostly, though I do try and visit as many as I can.  In part it depends on when I join the linky and also on how many people have joined in.  Who I follow and get notifications on also has an impact.

Because I do think it’s important to try and visit as many other blogs as possible and to remove any guilt I have about not doing that, I have a bit of a system that you are free to laugh at all you want and I am sure a psychologist would find some deep-rooted meaning in but here it is.

  • If there are 10 or less linkys when I post mine, I visit them all up to that point.
  • If there are more than 10 I visit the first 10 then go up in fives, visiting every fifth blog after that.
  • I visit all the posts of people I follow and comment on regularly.  Sometimes I don’t see them on the list but see a notification and go through there.
  • I try to always visit the posts of everyone who comments on my blog.  Because I am not as quick on my comments as I would like this might be a day or too later.  If that’s the case and they have a newer post I may well comment on that as well.
  • Finally, I try and share all the posts I comment on through twitter and Facebook (I say try because I do forget).

See, a psychologists dream – I am sure they can tell me all about why 10’s and 5’s play into my reasoning.  And now you have stopped laughing, what about you – what do you do? Do you visit all, some or none or does it depend?





  1. I like your process! 🙂
    I try to visit as many on the link-up as I can. I usually visit them all unless it’s just a massive amount of submissions. Then I’d visit them a little at a time.


  2. Well, now that you mention it… on huge linkies if I ever get to the point where I can start commenting on blogs I don’t know, which hardly ever happens, I pick based on how curious I am about the blog name. If your blog is Terry’s Books as opposed to Wiggle Into a Novel, the wiggler will win. Ha ha. 🙂


  3. That’s a brilliant system Emma – as I often post early I visit earlier links at that point and then revisit later but I have to admit it is generally the bloggers I regularly interact with at that point!


  4. It’s cool that you have a sort of system! I always visit the links before mine because I post so early in the morning. I find it good that this meme has a smaller community per se because people are easily recognizable and I feel more motivated to comment when I see a familiar name!


  5. We can only do so much, right? I think you have a great system. 🙂 Sometimes all I can do is manage to comment on blogs where the blogger has already commented on my blog. I really depends on the meme and how many participants there are. You bring up a good point about sometimes commenting a day or two late. I’ve been known to do that–and sometimes even a week or so late. I hope you have a great week!


  6. This is quite impressive! I have no system. At all. Really, I just do my best to visit anyone who stops by mine, and then if I come across one that seems extra interesting, I will check it out. And of course the people I regularly follow on Bloglovin, email, etc. But honestly, there are just not enough hours in the day- especially on HUGE link ups like Top Ten Tuesday or something. That would be my whole life- just visiting blogs to comment on those 😉


    • You are right, nowhere near enough hours…hence the system. Some way to make sure I visit as many as I can in a short time and without feeling guilty.


  7. I used to visit as many as I could. In linkups where there were 40-50 or less I’d visit all. Though, with the Sunday Post and ‘It’s Monday’ there were so many I’d end up visiting the first 30 – 40 and then I’d pick those that were familiar or ones I’d never visited before.

    I’d sometimes avoid those that obviously focussed on genres I didn’t read – YA / fantasy etc… I did the same in non-bookish linkups. I’d try to comment on everything but often had little to say if the blogger talked about ‘school lunches’ or something. So, when I cut back I only commented on those sorts of posts if I knew the blogger and I’d comment on the fact that ‘ though I didn’t have kids….’.

    I have to say the not HAVING to spend hours commenting on blogs has been the most freeing thing of my current bogging break.


    • I have many of the same thoughts when I visit a blog that is all love stories and historical romance…what to say other than have a good week? I have been feeling guilty this week about not visiting any due to work and envy you your blogging break…I bet it is freeing.

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      • Oh yes Emma, so freeing. I’m still reviewing but as I’ve closed comments I don’t feel that need to read and comment on as many other blogs. I look at the topic and might read it and comment if I want! Hours and hours saved. Plus, as you said, sometimes it’s hard to find something to comment on.

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