Weekly update: 26th March, 2017

Weekly updateMorning all and welcome to another Sunday and another weekly update.  I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and a happy mother’s day to everyone out there in the UK.

My day has been very nice so far, with a lie in followed by breakfast in bed (which only happens once a year so I saviour it).  Later, my mom will be coming over and we’re doing afternoon tea, which means I’m about to start baking but that’s o.k. because I quite like turning into Mary Berry once in a while, though I have never quite mastered her scones.

It’s the end to a nice weekend that included a trip to the seaside yesterday, making up for a slightly rocky week as I haven’t been feeling too well.  Fingers crossed I’m over that now though and will be fine this week.

Blog wise, it was a good week, with five posts including three reviews – a bit of a record for me.  Here’s what I posted…


On Monday I reviewed The Stranger by Saskia Sarginson, which I really enjoyed and was a refreshing change in a familiar genre with a recent widow trying to rebuild her life at the same time as she is trying to unpick the secrets and lies of the two men she has started to have feelings for.

On Tuesday I shared the start of my latest read Fell by Jenn Ashworth, which I have to admit I haven’t gotten into enough yet to know how I feel because I forgot to take it with me on my travels this week so ending up picking another book instead.  The bit I have read though leaves me with high hopes for a spooky and suspenseful read.

On Wednesday I reviewed The Escape by C. L. Taylor, an author I have wanted to read for a while and whose latest book I really enjoyed.  This was a fast-paced read with lots of twists, turns and action.  Highly recommended.

On Thursday I reviewed The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, a book I have been putting of reading for fear it wasn’t as good as Ware’s debut and one of my favourite books of last year, In a Dark, Dark, Wood.  Thankfully my fears were unfounded.  This was a great book that had shades of Christie in it’s cast of potential suspects.

On Friday I joined wrote about handling negative comments on my blog as part of the book blogger hop – thankfully it’s not something I’ve had to really do but I tried to think about what I would do if I did.

So, all in all a good week.  It was also a good week book wise.  Added to my shelves were (clicking on the covers takes you to good reads) …

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Before the Fall is a bit of a wild card as I remember hearing good things but not what when it first came out last year.  The other two though I have high hopes for – I haven’t read a bad review for the Roanoke Girls and I love the Erika Foster series.  Fingers crossed I am not disappointed with either.

And that’s it for this week.  What about you – has it been a good one, reading and otherwise?

Emma x

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The Sunday Post

  1. Your Mother’s Day sounds lovely. Enjoy!

    Your books look very tempting, too, and I need to read my copy of The Roanoke Girls soon.

    Before the Fall looks like a book I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh happy Mother’s Day to you! Sounds like a nice weekend! I need to go check your Woman in Cabin 10 review. I liked that one!

    Have a very nice week! 🙂

  3. I’ve just acquired Before the Fall as well and looking forward to reading it. Well done for catching up on those reviews – that what I need to do!

  4. Happy Mothers Day! Yours sounds lovely. I hope that you feel better! I read The Girl In Cabin 10 and loved it, I am going to check out your review. Have a great week!

  5. I loved The Woman in Cabin 10, even more than her first book. I’m glad you liked it too! Unfortunately The Roanoke Girls didn’t appeal to me, but I’m in the minority there. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  6. The Roanoke Girls didn’t work for me but that was because of the subject matter. I thought the book was really well written and definitely pulled me in. I think you’ll enjoy it! Happy Mother’s Day! Good luck turning into Mary Berry! I really want to try her scone recipe though I only know what American scones taste like so I’m not sure I’ll know how well I did. Have a great week!

  7. I am really curious about Before the Fall. I hope you enjoy it! I’m glad you loved The Woman in Cabin 10 – me too! I still need to read her debut though.


  8. I have seen great things about Before The Fall and I have it but not read it yet. I have seen mostly mixed reviews The Roanoke Girls and enough about it that I am sure it’s not for me so I hope you enjoy it. That other one looks really good! Hope you enjoy all three!

    Week in Review

    1. I remember good things but then the blurb rang no bells at all. It turned up in the post though so I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂

  9. Awes reads as well as new ones. I have Roanoke Girls on audio and will listen soon. I forget about MD in the UK. Have a wonderful week!

  10. It sounds like you had a pampered and fun week:) I’m curious what you think of Roanoke Girls. I read that one straight through.

    My Sunday Post

  11. All your books look good! I don’t read a ton of mysteries/thrillers, but I do read them here and there (at least one or two a month). I hope you love the new books! And thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  12. I absolutely know that feeling of reluctance – when an author’s debut is a fantastic read, I sometimes hesitate to read their next book, for fear of it not being able to live up to my expectations! It’s always a pleasant relief when the next book is a winner, too!

  13. Those books sound great! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on The Woman in Cabin 10. Enjoy your books!

    My It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? post.

    1. I hope you get your hands on it soon. It is a good read!

  14. Such a nice assortment of books! I’m curious about The Roanoke Girls but can’t fit in another book right now. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. Thank you…I am trying to mix things up a bit. I know what you mean about adding books but I couldn’t help myself.

  15. I’ve not had many negative comments on my blog. Sometimes I get them on Twitter but even there it’s nothing too bad.

    1. I haven’t on Twitter either, though I know others have. I just don’t see the point.

  16. It must be the circles we move in that we meet 99.9% positive commenters. I have only ever got negative ones when giving an opinion on FB. I ignore!

    1. The best circles 😀 I wonder if there is a difference between comments on different types of social media?

  17. I am glad to hear that Cabin 10 was good! I was putting off reading it as well, now I feel inspired to pick it up. 🙂 I’m interested in your thoughts on Roanoke Girls – I couldn’t get into it, but it could have just been my mood at the time I tried to read it. Like it just wasn’t that books time. Lol. 🙂

    1. It was a relief to realise I was enjoying it! I had another comment about not being able to get into the Roanoke Girls so we’ll see how I do.

  18. I loved The Women in Cabin10. I also enjoyed Before The Fall. Have a great week.

  19. I loved The Women In Cabin 10. I also enjoyyed Before The Fall. Have a great week!

    1. I hope Before The Fall is good. I have high hopes!

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