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book-blogger-hop-finalThis week, I’m once again joining in with Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer‘s book blogger hop, where they post a question which you and other bloggers answer, hopping from blog to blog to see people’s answers. This week, the question is…

How do you handle negative comments left on your blog?

So I might be lucky here but I don’t think I’ve ever had a negative comment on my blog.  Which means I have no idea how I would handle them if I got one (and please don’t test me out by leaving one here…it’s really not something I want to experience!).

I would hope I would be able to respond with good grace and a rationale, reasonable comment but I don’t know if that would be true in reality.  I do know that is how I have responded when people have picked up on errors in my posts etc., which if I’m honest I’ve sometimes thought were a bit picky and I have wondered if they were needed.  I haven’t removed the comment though and I haven’t not responded.  I’ve thanked the person for letting me know and moved on.

It does depend I suppose on what the negative comment was.  If it was a disagreement over a book I’d reviewed I would argue my case I think, standing my ground over my opinion (because that’s what reviews are at the end of the day the way I write them – my personal opinion).  If it was a personal attack then I think I would remove the comment because I don’t think anyone has the right to have a go at anyone else on a blog post.

You can argue / disagree with a sentiment but the person still has the right to their opinion at the end of the day…or you can just ignore the blog going forward (which might be easier than getting into an online fight that you potentially can’t then erase).  These are my approaches to commenting anyways, and so far they have stood me in good stead.

What about you, have you had negative comments on your posts? What type were they (the posts and the comments)? And how did you handle them?




  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. I prefer to “kill with kindness” as the saying goes but also respond rationally and with logic. Personal attacks definitely cross the line but if it’s about the content, I can respect a negative comment and there’s actually room for debate there.

    1. I like that phrase. When I read something that is a criticism of my opinion I take a moment to think before I respond so I can do it pleasantly. It has to be about opinion though not personal.

  2. You have a great plan! I’m all for letting people voice their own opinions on my blog and social media. But if it’s something totally unnecessary like “that book sucks” or anything that tips past preference and into attacking/overkill, I’m all about deleting it. I haven’t had anything negative on my blog yet, but I did recently deal with someone posting some seriously vulgar things on my Google+ posts… I immediately reported the posts,his profile, and blocked him.

    1. Personal attacks just aren’t necessary. I really don’t understand why people have to be mean, nasty or crude but social media seems to bring out the worst in some people.m

  3. Like you, I haven’t experienced negative feedback on my blog…there have been a couple of times when someone has posted negative comments on an Amazon Review…and it was definitely like an attack. The person disagreed with my review because of the book, which was about a controversial individual, but then went on to question my sanity, in so many words…I tried to respond to the effect that we all have different opinions sometimes.

    But it always feels like a sucker punch…so, thankfully, I can only recall it happening once or twice over the years.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I have had one odd Amazon one where the person had obviously only read the first paragraph of my review and responded by telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about…which is basically what I was saying was the case before I read the book. Like you say, it makes your stomach drop. My instant reaction was to respond but I decided not to and am glad I didn’t in the end.

  4. I did have a negative response to one of my reviews by an author – and the weird thing was it was a very positive review and I had compared him favourably with a much more well-known author. And he had a rant about it on his site, with a link to the review, in effect saying he didn’t know why reviewers always had to make comparisons. Several other folks chimed in with the effect that I clearly was a bit of an idiot and that he was nothing like the author I had compared him to. I considered joining in and definding my stance by reminding him that I had intended it as a compliment and I wasn’t sure exactly what his problem was, but decided in the end not to bother as it would probably come off as sounding defensive.
    I had bought the other books in the series with the intention of reading and reviewing them – but didn’t bother. I’m never reading another book from him, again. But in all the years I’ve done this, he was the only one who reacted in such a way – all the other authors I’ve had anything to do with have been delightful. But, there’s always one, isn’t there?

    1. There is always one and I think it says something of his insecurity or that he was too lazy to read your post properly. I think why not contact you directly first to discuss but the downside of the Internet is the instant nature of it. You can often type and post before you can think! I am glad you didn’t review his other books…he didn’t desire the publicity.

      1. No – I have to say I was rather taken aback and I did wonder what his reaction would have been if I had posted a really negative review!

  5. You are lucky to not have to have dealt with one, I haven’t had many but they can really get your dander up sometimes, but I always try and be nice. 🙂

    1. I probably am…I do wonder how I would react. In real life I might not be so nice but online, where what you say doesn’t go away I think you have to be nicer.

  6. Only experienced this once, thankfully! I’ll be honest, I deleted the comment as I couldn’t decide if it’s intention was purely confrontational or this visitor was just having a really bad day. I don’t mind differing opinions of the books I have personally loved as we can’t all like the same thing. But sometimes it’s best to politely ‘ignore’ people who are trying to provoke a reaction rather than a healthy debate.

    1. The motive is key I guess. You can debate vs. Argue. The problem with online is sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, same with email. Beyond a smiley face how do you show you aren’t looking for a fight or to be mean?

      1. Absolutely, it can be such a minefield. I suppose all any of us can do is try our best and for everything else just go with our gut.

  7. I don’t remember any negative comments. I would just ignore and delete if I did.

    Very nice answer.

    ENJOY your weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

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    1. There don’t seem to be many negative comments about that I have seen, deleting seems a good option.

  8. I’ve received 2 that I felt were negative but they were both essentially a disagreement of opinion. I pretty much just ignored both but I’m not sure what I’d do with a personal attack. I see them on some of the food blogs I follow but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any attack type comments on book blogs thankfully!

    1. I think disagreeing on a book is fine but sometime people go beyond that. I know that things on the mommy blogs can get heated and I have seen a few on those I follow that just seem to be attacks. I think you are right though I haven’t really seen any on book blogs. Readers are such nice people 😀

  9. I haven’t experienced it on my blog but I’ve had tweets about errors on my blog and recently a sharp comment on a review on Goodreads – the first instances I thanked the person in the second instance I put forward my point of view in a straightforward way but I suppose it depends what the comment is based on.

    1. I think it does depend. The one that did irk me most was an Amazon review on a non-fiction book where I said what I had thought before reading the book in the first paragraph then went on to say why all my assumptions were wrong. A comment was made about how I basically didn’t know anything about the subject…meaning the person hadn’t then read beyond that first paragraph. Grrr!

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever received a negative comment either. I’m always pretty careful about how I word things, so I try not to stir up actual controversy (which doesn’t mean I don’t give my opinions, I just do it in a non-confrontational way). I’m glad you’ve never had to deal with this either!

    1. Maybe we are too nice? I do always say sorry when I say a book isn’t for me…that’s because I genuinely am that it didn’t hit the spot and I try not to be nasty in my comments – like saying a book is rubbish or stupid.

  11. I haven’t really received any comments I consider negative that I can remember. I understand people will not always agree with me, and that’s okay. I will not tolerate, however, when people are purposefully rude (abusive) toward me or other commenters.

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Emma!

    1. Yes, disagreeing is fine I think and I don’t think I would say they are negative unless they were rude or purposefully picky. Sometimes, I think people get like that – I had one comment point out a typo – and whilst it’s not negative I did wonder what the point was.

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  13. I’ve only had this once on Goodreads – someone didn’t like a book I had loved and basically told me I shouldn’t have even read said book because the author’s interpretation of biblical history was ‘wrong’. I copied and pasted the author’s considerable relevant qualifications and never heard another word, but I did feel a bit guilty that my review had upset someone.

    1. I like your approach. I might do that next time I get questioned. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Makes a lot of sense. Here’s hoping you don’t have to deal with negative comments. Mine have come in the form of racial slurs, which I thought was petty and unwarranted. But I guess that’s what attacking comments are. Happy reading!

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    1. How horrible to get those type of comments. Not acceptable!

  15. I’ve had an indie author and his friends down vote/comment on my review of his book (it wasn’t a positive review), where they accused me of trying to sabotage the book. I just had to laugh and move on – not everyone’s always going to agree, especially when you share the unpopular opinion.

    Unless it was so insensitive that it would offend other people, I don’t think I’d ever delete a negative comment though. I’d probably try to engage them in a reasonable way, and if they were to continue on their negative path, I’d just stop responding.

    1. I think it’s good that you can laugh about it. Better than getting into an argument!

  16. I answered this much the same as you. It seems we’re lucky to have lovely comments nearly all the time!

    1. Very lucky!

  17. I get some passive aggressive comments on the blog now and then and I reply with a simple, “Really?” XD

    1. Good response. I don’t get why people do it.

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