Weekly update: 19th February, 2017

Good morning. I hope everyone has a good week and weekend. I’ve been off this week so it’s definitely been a good one for me. We didn’t go away, other than a long weekend in Oxford, but did lots of day trips. It was lovely, sleeping in and then just deciding where to go depending on the weather (which was thankfully pretty warm most days).

Blog wise, I didn’t get as much of the admin I wanted done, settling for updating my reviews by authors page but I am happy to have managed that plus two reviews…

I started the week with The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle, which I didn’t enjoy as much as I hoped not just because I kept picturing screen versions of Sherlock and the story but also because the plot left me having to makes leaps in logic I struggled with.

I ended with Where My Heart Used To Beat by Sebastian Faulks, which was a sobering read with it’s focus on the impact of war and lost love but was also fascinating with it’s historical look at how people with mental health issues were treated. A recommended read.

In between, I introduced my latest read – Quieter Than Killing by Sarah Hilary – talked about the only book I remember making me cry And read two books, both of which I  enjoyed and should get reviews up for this week (links to goodreads)…

Perfect Remains (D.I. Callanach, #1) Evil Games (D.I. Kim Stone, #2)

And that’s it for me this week. How was your week, reading and otherwise?

emma x

This week, I’m linking in with Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post and with (a little early) Katherine at Book Date for It’s Monday, What Are you Reading? Head over by clicking on their badges below to see what other bloggers have read, written about or just added to their shelves.

The Sunday Post


  1. Good to hear you had a good week. I will have a week off in March and I can’t wait! I plan to have a Harry Potter movie marathon, and a reading marathon, and I’m going to reorganize my bookshelves and do some final wedding planning and.. Well.. I can’t wait! LOL!

    Sounds like you still got some good reading done!
    Have a great week and happy reading.


    • So organised. I might have gotten more done if I’d planned ahead versus deciding on the day but then again I have to plan so much at work it was nice not to.


  2. Glad to hear your week was a good one and that you had some nice day trips out and about. Sorry you didn’t get all your admin done but a little is better than nothing!

    Hope you have another good week and that going back to ‘normal’ isn’t too harsh. 🙂


    • A whole week on admin would be lovely but I doubt I’d fill a week off with that. I’d probably find a house hunter type show on to and lose days!


  3. What a lovely way to spend a relaxing week away from work and everything else. Sounds good to me. I’m liking the looks of your two newest reads and looking forward to what you think of them.

    My Sunday Post


  4. I love crying in books and movies, and Terms of Endearment is definitely one that continues to make my eyes flow. (Mostly the movie, as I haven’t reread the book, but watch the film over and over).

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. Enjoy your week! I’m loving Right Behind You.


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