#FF: Groundhog Day


Once again, I’m joining in again with Feature & Follow hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Each week they post a prompt, which you respond to, and then spend some time visiting and following other blogs (the following is an important part). Feel free to join in – it’s fun and a great way to meet other bloggers.

This week, the prompt is…

Groundhog Day! What book or scene from a book could you live in and have it on “repeat?”

This is a difficult one as I don’t re-read many books so I’m going to have to go back to my childhood, when I read books again and again, and used to go to bed dreaming of the worlds I could live in and the characters I could be friends with.  For me, then, there are two choices…

…first up I would join the Famous Five (making us the Famous Six!), which is where I think my love of crime fiction started.  As a child I was a real tomboy and really, really, wanted to be George – my favourite character – and have the freedom to disappear in caravans and boats and live on islands without my parents.

…next would be Swallows and Amazons, another world of adventure I wished I could live.  I could just picture myself sailing boats around the lakes, pretending to be pirates and fighting my enemies.

The funny thing is that, as an adult, I don’t like camping, fishing or the great outdoors and would probably be much better picking a world with Egyptian cotton sheets and five star hotels but I don’t read many books like those!

What about you – what world could you live in on repeat?



    • I didn’t know what else to pick as I don’t re-read books. Plus I read mainly books where people get murdered nowadays- not places I would want to live 😀


  1. Like you, I’m a bit stumped as I don’t reread all that much, but I rather like the idea of being part of Janet Edwards’ Earthgirl series – one of the candidates who visit Earth and embark on the adventure of mining the vital material and knowledge from previous eras.


  2. I have only reread Jane Austen, other than that I don’t really reread unless it’s trying an audio verison of a book I liked. To many books out there to reread…lol. I have never heard of those two books you mentioned but they sound like they could have been fun. 🙂 I was a tomboy too! 🙂


    • I do occasionally but not often and more for curiosity about whether a book is as good as I remember them. These were great books to grow up on with lots of independent kids, something I think it’s important to be,


  3. I read mostly dark fantasy, horror, dystopian and apocalyptic so I’m having a hard time now thinking of worlds I could live in! LOL but I would have LOVED being friends with the Little Prince and visit his planet 🙂 I LIKE HOW THINK EMMA!!! Egyptian cotton sheets and five star hotels sounds almost as good as the Little Prince planet! 🙂


    • It’s like me – I read mainly crime so there aren’t many worlds I would like to keep living it. Too dark! I have decided I am too old to not like luxury now 😀


  4. Isn’t that funny how we live vicariously through adventure stories even if we don’t EXACTLY want to do some of those things? 🙂 I agree, books like the Famous Five- characters like that always get cool islands and stuff. I used to like to daydream about those fictional worlds also… 🙂


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