Weekly update: 15th January, 2015


Hello All and welcome to another Sunday.  I hope everyone’s had a good week.  Mine wasn’t too bad.  I was away a couple of days with work but no overnight stays or really long days, which makes me happy.  On the home front, we finally got snow this week, which I was very excited about because I love the stuff. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the downfall promised and was gone in a day.  Still, it was nice to wake up to and I’m hoping for more this week.

There’s also an unfortunately when it comes to my reading this week – I got hardly any done thanks to the fact that all my favourite TV shows seem to be back on air.  There’s Sherlock, Silent Witness, Grimm and Nashville (my guilty pleasure is country music, I just can’t help myself) plus a new Tom Hardy show called Taboo that I am really enjoying.  Who has time to read?  Hopefully me this week!

I did, however, manage to get some reviews and other posts written…

On Monday, I reviewed Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land, one of the “it” books of the moment I think.  I really enjoyed it, though it is a hard read given the subject matter that includes child abuse and murder.  Told through the eyes of the killer’s 15 year old daughter it was an interesting take and also a chilling one.

On Tuesday, I introduced my latest read Liar Liar by M J Arlidge, the fourth in the Helen Grace series.  I did manage to finish it in between TV shows and enjoyed it with a review to follow this week.  It’s a great series with a great central character who I am slightly in love with.

On Wednesday, I reviewed Wedlock by Wendy Moore, the true story of Mary Eleanor Bowes and how she escaped an abusive marriage during a time (Georgian England) when women were considered their husband’s property.  This is a story that you would say was too far-fetched if it was presented as fiction, which makes it all the more fascinating because it all happened.

On Thursday, I reviewed The Silence of the Sea by Yrsa Sigurdardottir, which was nice and spooky and also a real page turner as a lawyer looks to discover just how the crew and passengers of a luxury yacht disappeared without a trace whilst it was at sea.

On Friday, I took part in Feature and Follow – a great way to find new bloggers to follow – and shared my Best and Worst Reads of 2016, perfect timing as I’ve been working on a new page that reviews books based on my ratings.  There were plenty of books fresh in my mind as a result – though it was hard to narrow it down to the best.

Book wise, I was really excited to get Quieter Than Killing by Sarah Hilary in the post this week…always a nice surprise when a book shaped envelope arrives.

img_0065Sometimes staying silent is the only way to survive

‘You only ever ask that. Why did I do it? You never ask what they did.’

The winter cold is biting, and a series of assaults is pulling DI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jake out into the frosty, mean streets of London far more than they’d like. The attacks seem random, but when Marnie’s family home is ransacked, there are signs that the burglary can have only been committed by a child – and someone who knows all about her. It will take a prison visit to her foster brother, Stephen, to help Marnie see the connections – and to force both her and Noah to face the truth about the creeping, chilling reaches of a troubled upbringing. For how can a damaged child really leave their past behind them?

I also went on a bit of a 99p binge on amazon, picking up three books (links to good reads)

A Deadly Thaw (Inspector Francis Sadler #2) Look Behind You The Accidental Life of Greg Miller

They are all books or authors that have been on my TBR for a while now so I am looking forward to reading all of them.  What about you – what has your week (reading and otherwise) been like?

Emma x

This week, I’m linking in with Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post and with (a little early) Katherine at Book Date for It’s Monday, What Are you Reading? Head over to see what other bloggers have read, written about or just added to their shelves.

The Sunday Post


  1. I have a Sarah Hillary book to listen to but I haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s from the same series, I believe it’s book two, so I am behind. Hope you enjoy that one. I have Look Behind You on my wishlist, so I am curious to see what you think of that one. 🙂

    Hope you get to read more this week! 🙂

    Week in Review


    • I read the first two but it feels like forever ago and I’m not sure how much I remember from them. Do know I enjoyed them though and hope this one is as good!


    • It looks good doesn’t it and a lovely surprise when it came through the post. The others in the series I read were good, though I don’t remember as clearly as maybe I should. Have a good week.


  2. TV can seriously impact the reading! I know some shows I watch are coming back soon and that will put a dent in my reading time!

    A Deadly Thaw looks interesting, I’ll have to check that one out.


    • Tell me about it. It’s that they all hit at once and as I watch most shows on catch up I am always afraid they’ll disappear before I have chance to watch them so I try and watch everything at once.


  3. You got some great Kindle bargains! I feel like I’ve been spending way too much time catching up on tv shows too and my reading has been falling a bit behind. Time to make more time for books!


  4. I like the catchy title Quieter Than Killing. Might find it’s way to my reading shelf. It’s been like summer here and supposed to last through next week. Happy to have it and want more please. LOL

    My Sunday Post


  5. I just had to buy Good Me Bad Me – I love the cover so much, it sounds like a good read too.

    I have enjoyed MJ Arlidge, I hope you also enjoy your book.

    The Sarah Hilary book looks good too.

    Have a lovely week, happy reading 🙂


  6. I can’t believe I missed the return of Sherlock!! I need to fix this ASAP! I can relate though, my reading has really suffered since the premier of A Series of Unfortunate Events, but it’s so good! Happy reading ☺


  7. Nice score with the 99c books at Amazon, always a good way to sample the new authors you want anyway. Enjoy the story through TV – it is really another medium is all.


  8. Oh yeah, I’ve definitely gone through times when my TV habit cut into my reading habit! I’m giving Grimm another try–I *loved* that show…until last season. Until 2 episodes, it went from my “must see live” show to being off my DVR. But, I’m trying again…I’m no sure I’m going to be able to finish that show out. It used to be so good and now…


    • I just can’t help turning on the tele. I think Grimm did lose it slightly but with one season to go I have to see it through. Plus I am slightly in love with Nick 😍


  9. The Silence of the Sea sounds really good. I haven’t read any Nordic Noir before ~ I am going to have to start.

    My husband and I are just about to start Sherlock ~ I am excited, I have heard such good things about it. I know it has a huge following! I tried to leave Grimm but I just can’t quit it! I am sorry that this will be its final season. 😦 I love Monroe and Rosalee.


    • I am a bit of a fan of anything written in a cold climate. Always adds to the atmosphere. I hope you enjoy Sherlock, fun but also makes your brain work. I daren’t even think about Grimm ending, not what I’d wanted to hear.


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