First book of the year 2017

As with last year, I am joining with Sheila at Book journey and a ton of other bloggers to share my first book of the year. It’s a fun way to start off 2017 and, if I’ve made a good pick I hope it will be a sign of good reads to come.

So to, hopefully, start 2017 well I have picked The Silence of the Sea by Yrsa Sigurdardottir, in part because I have had it on loan from the library for over a month and need to return it but mainly because I loved the first of her books I read earlier this year – Why Did You Lie?.

Here’s what it’s about…

‘Mummy dead.’ The child’s pure treble was uncomfortably clear. It was the last thing Brynjar – and doubtless the others – wanted to hear at that moment. ‘Daddy dead.’ It got worse. ‘Adda dead. Bygga dead.’ The child sighed and clutched her grandmother’s leg. ‘All dead.’

A luxury yacht arrives in Reykjavik harbour with nobody on board. What has happened to the crew, and to the family who were on board when it left Lisbon?

Thora Gudmundsdottir is hired by the young father’s parents to investigate, and is soon drawn deeper into the mystery. What should she make of the rumours saying that the vessel was cursed, especially given that when she boards the yacht she thinks she sees one of the missing twins? Where is Karitas, the glamorous young wife of the yacht’s former owner? And whose is the body that has washed up further along the shore? 

What about you? What are your reading plans for the start of the new year? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy!

Emma x


    • I figured it was safer for the first book. I actually started it last night and made it through about a third. Enjoying it so far. Here’s to a good 2017 x


    • So far so good. I can’t believe she wasn’t even on my radar till last year. Now I feel like I need to read her entire back catalogue. Have a good 2017.


  1. Looks like a great book and very good reason to read it. Very similar reason as to why I chose mine. Happy New Year, hope all the books are good. And thanks for tweeting out some of the first book posts so we can find them.


    • I feel like it’s better to ere on the side of caution and pick a book we have a good chance of liking for the first of the year. Wish I had been able to visit and share more posts today…feel like I haven’t visited enough but the day has flown!


    • It’s well worth bumping up the list. This one is shaping up pretty nicely too. I have my husband to thank for the picture…and photoshop which hid the worst of the wrinkles! Have a good 2017 x


  2. I’ve just completed ‘Martians Abroad’ which I LOVED. Great to enjoy a cracking science fiction read for the first book in the year:). Have a happy and successful 2017, Emma and many thanks for swinging by:)


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