Book blogger hop: black Friday books

I’m joining in with Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer‘s book blogger hop again this week, where they post a question which you and other bloggers answer, hopping from blog to blog to see people’s answers. This week, the question is…

Name one book that you would fight for on Black Friday!

This is a hard one.

First , because I refuse to shop on Black Friday, even online. I tried once, when I lived in the states, and hated the crush. Now I’m back in the UK it feels like shops overwhelm us with offers, deals and sales for weeks in the run up to the “big day”.  I find it all a bit too much and all too easy to buy just because there is a deal, not because it’s something I want. So I avoid the whole thing. I delete every email immediately and won’t be stepping outside of the house today (other than to go to the pub later).

Second, though, and the one that makes this question really hard, is how do you chose one book? There are too many I have loved over the years. I’ve tried to narrow it down by looking at the books that will NEVER leave my shelves no matter what, books I just can’t bear to part with, or books where I have had to go out an buy a new copy after making the mistake of packing the original copy up in the charity box.

There are probably a handful of these as, for the most part, I’m not overly sentimental about books.  I believe they are for sharing and will often pass them along to friends, family or charity once I’ve read them.  Those that will never go that way, though, include (links to goodreads)…

239795    22059381220061588495

Why these books?  The Godfather, because it’s the first “grown-up” book I remember loaning from the library; Dracula, because it’s the first book that kept me up at night scared to death; The Robber Bride, because of all of Atwood’s books this one – for whatever reason – has stuck with me most closely; and finally it’s all of the Famous Five books because it was the first series I got hooked on and they are books I can’t wait to pass on to my daughter (yes, I still have the ones I read).

Any one of the them I would be desperate to keep hold or get a new copy of. Would I fight for them on Black Friday? I’m not sure…if it was the last copy on earth, probably. What about you – what books would you fight for?




  1. Great ideas here, especially the one about not going out….except to the pub! Love it.

    I also remember and enjoyed The Robber Bride, and whenever I hesitate about this author’s books, I remember this one and have high hopes for another that I will enjoy as much.

    I, too, have mistakenly given away a favorite in a purge….sigh.


    • There is nothing worse than going to look for a book and realising you don’t have it anymore. I now have a special shelf for special books. The pub was lovely Friday btw. As was the beer!


  2. Because of the way my life turned out I don’t have any books from years ago favourites were The Famous Five (which were passed to my cousins) Virginia Andrews, my first ‘adult’ books and Shadow Baby by Margaret Forster (which I do still have) which tapped into my love of women’s history.


    • I remember Virginia Andrews, I was addicted to those books. I gave a lot of books away when we moved. It’s what made me find it easier to give them away when we ended up settled.

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  3. I end up throwing out most of the ads I receive too, unless I need ideas for gifts. Going out on Black Friday–not unless I absolutely have to.

    I’m like you. The book would pretty much have to be the last copy on earth to make me want to go out and get it on Black Friday. I am fine waiting, although I did pick one for the sake of this question that I am very excited to read. You make a good point though–how to pick just one . . .

    I hope you have a great week!


    • Glad I’m not alone in avoiding the whole day. Yesterday I got black Saturday emails and today it was the end of cyber weekend is coming…it’s too much!


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