Weekly update: 13th November, 2016

Morning all and happy Sunday. Another week has come and gone and it has definitely been a strange one I think given what’s happened in the States.  Whilst I don’t live there anymore I did for 12 years and my husband is from the US so I take a keen interest in American politics.  We stayed up to watch the election and I felt the way I had during our Brexit referendum.  It is a strange new world we all seem to be entering into and I hope that it all works out in the end because right now it all feels very uncertain.

On possibly less contentious topics, the rest of the week went well, though I did spend the second half of it rather tired as a result of my late (read non-sleeping) night.  I had a short week of four days and not as much travelling as I have been having for work.  This week coming I have none at all which makes me so happy – plus it helps as we have guests next weekend and I need to get the guest room sorted as we have been decorating it so there are pictures all over the floor waiting to be re-hung.

Blog wise, I posted every day this week, something I’m trying to do whenever I can.  It included three reviews, all for books I really enjoyed.

First up was Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood, a retelling of The Tempest in a very Atwood way.  It was a long book to read, and I had to take my time because there was so much to absorb but it was well worth it.  When it was done, though, I needed something lighter so picked up The Redemption of Galen Pike by Carys Davies, a great collection of short stories that took me from the Australian outback to the welsh valleys by way of Birmingham and Russia.  I followed this with The Doll’s House by M. J. Arlidge, taking myself back into my favourite world of crime fiction and the third instalment in the excellent DI Helen Grace series.

I also managed to get some work done on my blog, updating my A to Z of reviews for the first time in six months.  It gave me some time to reflect on all the great books I’ve read since I started my blog and reminded me of ones I had forgotten.  It also threw up some themes which, as I didn’t have a review to post, I thought I would share.  You can read about them here (anyone else read a lot of books with Girls in the title or is it just me?).

Unfortunately, reading took a back seat this week, well at least books because I got completely lost in news reports.  I did finish my Tuesday Intro read, The Girls Next Door by Mel Sherratt but that was it. Hopefully I will be less distracted this week and get some good reading done, though what that will be I don’t know.  What about you – how has your week been and what have you been reading?

Before I finish today, I wanted to end on a song, one by Leonard Cohen – one of my favourite singer songwriters who died this week.  And this is my favourite song, So Long Marianne…

Beautiful and a fitting way to end I think so I will say goodbye for now – have a good week all!


This week, I’m linking in with Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post and with (a little early) Katherine at Book Date for It’s Monday, What Are you Reading? Head over to see what other bloggers have read, written about or just added to their shelves.

The Sunday Post


  1. Amazing that some said Trump would be the American Brexit and so many said no, the polls and models are accounting for polling error etc. Well, maybe not. πŸ™‚ Pretty shocked myself. It is a new world.

    And good point about books with GIRLS in the title. I had not thought of that, but now that you mention it lol… yeah. Seems pretty common! Glad your A to Z of reviews went well too, that reminds me I need to work on my index so bad. πŸ™‚

    Have a super week!



    • I think the polls and the political classes don’t understand and can’t take account for the underlying anger out there amongst some societal groups. I wonder how many times we will be shocked going forward? The funny thing with Girls is I still have two books on my to read list with that in the title…I can’t escape them!


    • A very strange year. Stranger than fiction and I read some pretty far fetched books, I am so looking forward to my quiet week. Just getting up at a slightly later time feels exciting…or sad?

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  2. It really has been a momentous week – it felt like Brexit all over again. And we’re still waiting for the full fallout over THAT decision to hit us in our daily lives as it will surely do eventually:(… I really enjoyed your review of Hag-Seed and am hoping to get hold of this one during the week, since I’ve been good and cleared some of the books in my TBR pile. Leonard Cohen was a sad loss, although at least we’ve been left with his haunting songs. Take care and let’s hope this coming week is a lot less interesting…
    This is my Sunday Post – https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/sunday-post-13th-november-2016/


  3. I have been exhausted this week, probably because of Tuesday and staying up all night, watching until there was no more hope…sigh.

    Emotional and physical exhaustion.

    I am trying to accept what I can’t change, but my fear is still there.

    I also read a lot of books with “girls” in the title, especially this summer. I called it The Summer of the Girls.

    I’m still undecided about Hag-Seed….I have been disappointed with some of Atwood’s recent books.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.


    • I think I got two hours sleep Sunday. I was so tired I left my laptop in a meeting the next day! I just hope it isn’t as bad as people fear. Girls, girls, girls…there is a song there I’m sure! Have a good week x


  4. The M.J. Arlidge book is new to me. I love crime fiction so I’m going to have to see if my library has the first book in the series. This week’s election had me and the Mister up watching it as well. Since Canada is the biggest trading partner of the US we’re all a little on edge. Hoping this week is a little less crazy. I was so sad to hear about Leonard Cohen’s passing. He was/is marvelous! Thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚ Have a great week.


    • It’s definitely worth a read and they can probably be read as standalone, though maybe they won’t be quite as good because of the back story. I understand being on edge. That our Nigel Farrage is one of Trumps best friends apparently – well, less said the better!


  5. I often plan to blog every day – or even 5-6 days but don’t make it so well done! It’s understandable your reading suffered a little bit, but I’m sure you’ll catch up. x


    • I don’t know if I can manage every day as I never read far enough in advance (bar a few review books I have read and have scheduled for January, which just seems odd). Maybe one day…


  6. Leonard Cohen will be sorely missed. I must confess, I hsdn’t thought about him for quite a while, but it is wonderful to be revisiting a lot of his songs right now. I don’t think I have seen one bad review for Hag-Seed yet. I didn’t request it because I didn’t like The Heart Goes Last. I think I am still going to read A Handmaid’s Tale, though, because most of her fans didn’t like The Heart Goes Last, either. Here’s to a kinder world sometime in the near future, I hope. Have a wonderful week. πŸ™‚


    • He will be missed, such a unique voice and style. I didn’t like The Heart Goes Last either and whilst I know Atwood can be hard to read sometimes, it’s the only book of hers I have really struggled to read. The earlier ones are definitely more approachable and a good starting point.


    • Oh no…school reading does tend to do that. I have never been able to finish Lord of the Flies for the very reason and won’t dare pick up a book compared to it. Like you say, one day!


  7. I have Hag Seed on my TBR but I keep avoiding it as I know it will be heavy and I need to wait for just the right mood to it. Well done on your consistent posting, it has been a long time since I was able to do that.


  8. It was quite a surprising result to the election. We’ll have to see how the next four years go. Could also be interesting. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


    • It won’t last. I suppose something like what has happened in New Zealand kind of puts things in perspective though. I wonder if life is too short to worry about politics?


  9. I think many of us got lost in news this week. I was all excited for the election to be over and to get back to reading and stop stressing. Things didn’t really go my way, so it was just more stressing and pretty much no reading. Hopefully, I can get back into reading this week. I’m excited to read what you thought of Hag Seed. Have a great week! You can visit me at http://thatlibrarianlady.com if you choose.


    • I am still finding myself some what distracted. I can’t imagine what it would be like if we were still in the states – a bit like Brexit I guess. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy Hagseed if you read it. Emma


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