Book blogger hop: scary tales

I’m joining in with Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer‘s book blogger hop again this week, where they post a question which you and other bloggers answer, hopping from blog to blog to see people’s answers. This week, the question is…

Name one book that scared you so badly that you couldn’t finish reading it.

This will be a short response this week because I’ve never been so scared by a book that I haven’t finished it.  I have stopped reading books that I found too gory – Rats by James Herbert springs to mind and I know there are others but never because they were too scary.

That doesn’t mean I don’t find books scary I just like been scared.  I love horror films (of the non-gory kind) and horror stories.  My taste is more bump in the night scary though and gothic horror.  So ghost stories are a big hit for me – books by authors like Susan Hill and books like The Woman in Black or The Small Hand.

The one that kept me up the first time I read it though, wanting to sleep with the hall light on for the first time since I was little, was Dracula. It completely freaked me out, which I hadn’t expected given it’s age and how well I thought I knew the story but it did nevertheless. Glutton for punishment that I am, I now read it every year around Halloween and love it.

What about you? Have you ever been scared out of reading?



  1. I loved Woman in Black and I took the children to see the Westend production – we got remaindered seats on a sunny summer afternoon, so were only two rows from the front. It is genuinely the most frightening experience I’ve ever had in the theatre – several people in the audience screamed – but also wonderful:). Thank you for sharing this.


  2. I’ve never been too scared to finish reading a book, but there have been times when I’ve put a book down of a night time to continue in the daylight hours! I love Susan Hill’s ghost stories – her newest collection doesn’t disappoint either. The story of The Woman in Black is one of my all time favourite spooky stories, in any format – story, play, film.


  3. Great post! Only once I was too scared to continue reading. I was reading the Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith. Aliens werr experimenting


  4. Haha good post – I’m a reader that isn’t easily scared either and I completed Rats by James Herbert in my tender teens when someone started passing it around the school – it still haunts me to this day!!


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