Monthly Round-up: August, 2016

Goodbye August, hello September and – thanks to my holidays – welcome to my shortest monthly round-up post ever.  Whilst I’ve read a lot (see yesterday’s post), I’ve reviewed and written very little.  All, though, were good and I would recommend each and every one…

26046368The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J Walker was read because I spent the day in London and say posters for the book everywhere I went.  I am not sure I would have otherwise as the title, if I’m honest, doesn’t appeal but I am very glad I did.  Set in a just-happened post-apocalyptic world, The End of the World Running club isn’t so much about the end of the world as it is about a man starting to live his without the distractions of Sky, wine and work.  He discovers what is important to him (his family) and goes to the ends of the earth, almost literally, to prove it.


imageThe Trap by Melanie Raabe was a clever idea that sounded right up my street and I was lucky to be sent a review copy.  An agoraphobic author, who hasn’t left the house since her sister was murdered, sees the killer on TV.  Thinking no one will believe her (because they didn’t at the time), she sets out to trap him the only way she knows how – by writing about the murder in the guise of a novel.  Melanie Raabe provides plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages.  The only downside to this novel was the translation, which I felt let it down in places.


imageLost Girls by Robert Kolker which is one of my only forays into true crime writing.  It’s a story that sounded fascinating and was, involving the still unsolved death of at least four escorts and possibly as many as 11 victims by a serial killer no one seems to have any idea how to catch.  Kolker presents a sympathetic but honest portrait of the first victims found, sharing their lives stories and showing how they came to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He also shines a light on how the police let them and their families down because of who they were and what they did for a living (and to live).


And that was it.  What about you?  Did you read anything you would recommend for September?



  1. Have you read Jo Walton’s Thessaly series? The Just City is the first book – and I can guarantee that you won’t have read anything quite like it… It’s set in Greece in the distant past and recounts a social experiment where Apollo and Athene decide to set up a community following Plato’s suggestions in ‘The Republic’. And it might sound dry, it isn’t. She is eminently readable and – in my opinion – one of the most talented, imaginative writers of our time…


  2. Sorry… got a bit carried away there! I MEANT to add that I’ve also read The End of the World Running Club and really enjoyed it. Like you, I particularly enjoyed the personal journey a very ordinary bloke found himself following during the extraordinary circumstances he found himself in… Hope you have a great September:)

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