Book blogger hop: book recommendations

I’m joining in with Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer‘s book blogger hop again this week, where they post a question which you and other bloggers answer, hopping from blog to blog to see people’s answers. This week, the question is…

 If you recommend a book to someone, do you also send that person your review?

My answer is no, in fact I’ve never thought of doing it.  I suppose it’s because I do tend to keep my blogging separate from the other parts of my life so people know that I blog about books and a few follow me but I don’t promote my posts on my personal FaceBook page or through emails etc.

This is because blogging puts you out in public and, whilst I am more than happy with strangers reading what I write and judging me on some level because of that, I couldn’t really cope if friends and family were doing the same…what if they thought something I wrote was rubbish?

When I recommend books, it tends to be in person or as part of a larger conversation.  Sometimes it’s as part of book swaps that I’ve been involved in as part of my book club – if I feel strongly about a book I will try and convince others to give it a go.  Books I recommend tend to be ones I’ve read so I can talk about why I liked them vs. having to send a review of a book through to someone.

If I have heard a book is good, I will say where I heard that it was but, again, normally don’t share the reviews.  I think this is because these conversations tend to be around newer books as there are usually a spate of reviews at the same time so the discussion is more about I’ve been hearing good things about a book vs. one particular review.

One thing I do do though is always share reviews on twitter and my blog’s FaceBook page where I have commented on the review and, if I read a book because of a particular review, I will reference that in the post.  I hope that helps gives credit where credit is due and shares thoughts on books that sound like they should be read.

What about you, do you share your reviews when you recommend a book?




14 thoughts on “Book blogger hop: book recommendations

    • The not sending a link seems to be the common answer. It also seems quite a few people keep their blogging low key with family and friends. It’s funny how the real and online world don’t always meet.


    • I think the only time I might do it is if I had also reviewed a book and another blogger was also reviewing but, even then, I probably wouldn’t…or at least I haven’t so far, though I know others have done that on my reviews.

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  1. No, it would never occur to me to do that! Actually, I’m odd in that there are only a very few people I’d recommend a book to anyway, since I only recommend if I know someone’s taste pretty well – books are so subjective. And those few know they can see my reviews on my blog if they want to.


  2. It’s not something that crossed my mind either. I may share my review if asked, and I do post a link to my review on Twitter. But like you, even my Facebook account is not associated with my blog, and so I do not even sure it there.


  3. Most people I would recommend a book to are friends with Me on Goodreads so they see my reviews if they want. If I recommend a book to someone, it’s usually for a specific reason tailored to them rather than the general audience I write reviews for.


  4. I’m similar. I don’t even link my reviews if I rec a book to another blogger. I do have an fb page for my blog where I share posts on, but only a few real life people follow that. The whole putting yourself out there is a bit hard. On the other hand, others get to share their hobbies like soccer and all, all the time on their personal facebook so why shouldn’t we get to share some of the things we wrote that we are proud of? So I’m trying to share bits and pieces to my personal fb page as well. Not that anybody cares so far, haha.


    • I rarely use FB and need to. I think the mixing online and real life is a fine line and it’s whatever you are comfortable with. Your comments on football etc though are spot on.

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