This Week, Next Week: 24th July, 2016


Hi all and a belated Happy Sunday. I hope everyone has had a good weekend. We’ve just gotten back from another weekend away (I feel like quite traveller at the moment) hence the late post – there was no internet in our hotel, odd nowadays but also quite nice. We were visiting friends where we used to live, which was great. We did a comedy show, a baby shower, bowling and the movies – completely jam packed and so much fun to see people.

Coming home, I found a copy of The Trap by Melanie Raabe on my doormat (thanks to mumsnet) which was rather exciting.  It sounds great and, as it’s a “real” book versus an ebook – which is all I’ve been reading recently – it will be top of the list because there are only so many ebooks I can read in a row and I think I have reached the limit for now.


For 11 years, the bestselling author Linda Conrads has mystified fans by never setting foot outside her home. Haunted by the unsolved murder of her younger sister–who she discovered in a pool of blood–and the face of the man she saw fleeing the scene, Linda’s hermit existence helps her cope with debilitating anxiety. But the sanctity of her oasis is shattered when she sees her sister’s murderer on television. Hobbled by years of isolation, Linda resolves to use the plot of her next novel to lay an irresistible trap for the man. As the plan is set in motion and the past comes rushing back, Linda’s memories — and her very sanity — are called into question. Is this man a heartless killer or merely a helpless victim?

It’s also perfect timing as I finished the second and last book of my high summer readathon last night (The Museum of Extraordinary Things) and just in time too. I’ll do an update post for that in the next day or so and hopefully a review, which I am slowly catching up on doing. This week, I posted two…

Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death by M. C. Beaton, which was the first of my read-a-thon books and also my first cozy. It was a fun read as long as I didn’t try and compare it to the TV show, which is quite different and this threw me at first.

Watching Edie by Camilla Way which was suspenseful and a real page turner as it brought back together two teenage friends with secrets to hide. I love these type of books.

I didn’t do the usual Tuesday Intro but I did get back to doing the book blogger hop, which was about book covers this week and I whether you use them in posts.  I like how this linky especially leads to discussions. And that’s it for me. What about you? What have you been up to and what have you read?

Emma x


This week, I’m linking in with Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post and with (a little early) Katherine at Book Date for It’s Monday, What Are you Reading? Head over to see what other bloggers have read, written about or just added to their shelves.

The Sunday Post


  1. It sounds like you had a nice getaway and did some fun things. I haven’t bowled in ages… or gone to the movies either lol. And it’s always nice to come home to a book! I hope The Trap is good- it sounds like it could be a good suspenseful read.


  2. I enjoyed your Agatha Raisin review. That’s a series I always enjoy when I read it but don’t remember it nearly often enough! The Trap looks fantastic and I added it to my TBR. I always get a little panic-y when I go somewhere that doesn’t have internet but it always ends up being so much more relaxing. Have a great week!


    • What did we do before the Internet? I do remember there was no such thing when I started work now I rely on it for nearly everything. I will definitely be reading more Agatha Raisin once the show is over. Have a good week.


  3. It sounds like you are having a busy summer. I have been reading a bunch of “real books” from my TBR mountain but have a bunch of ebooks coming up next on my calendar as I tackle some review books. Come see what my week was like here. Happy reading!


    • I was there last week…and have resigned myself to almost always being a day behind. watching Edie is well worth a read. I’ve been seeing other good reviews too.


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