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imageI’m joining in with Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer‘s book blogger hop again this week, where they post a question which you and other bloggers answer, hopping from blog to blog to see people’s answers. This week, the question is…

Do you reply to every comment on your post?

The answer is yes, always – even if it takes me a little while to do so. I reply because I think it’s the right and polite thing to do – if someone spoke to me at work or in passing on the street I would always respond and comments I see as the same in a way, a virtual way of speaking to me.

Everyone who comments has gone out of their way to spend time on my blog, read my post, and then say something about it, what I’ve said or the book I’ve reviewed. They don’t have to – there are so many blogs out there and I know I am (fairly) new and a little fish in a big pool. To not respond would seem rude.

I also reply because I love comments – blogging would feel very lonely without them – and, I could be wrong, but responding seems like a good way of encouraging people to keep commenting, and coming back to my blog.

Comments are my way of engaging with other people who love what I love – books – and that’s one of the reasons I decided to give blogging a go – to engage with a community I had previously “lurked” around by reading blogs but not actively participating (before I had my blog, I rarely commented because I didn’t feel like I could, silly I know but true nonetheless).

For everyone who comments I also try to make an effort to visit their blogs and post a comment in return. For blogs I already follow I don’t do it every time because I normally visit them when I see they’ve posted something new but for new bloggers to my site, I try and do it straight away. I’ve discovered some great new blogs this way, not all book related, and I see that as an added bonus of comments.

What about you, do you respond to comments – leave one, letting me know.



  1. I always reply to comments-to be honest I just think it’s good manners to acknowledge that someone has taken the time to read your review and make a related comment! x

    1. I think you are right it is good manners, and I think it makes people feel better knowing you have read and taken time to write back. Well, it makes me feel better anyway when I get a response to a comment.

      1. Yes I don’t ever expect anything but it’s great when there is interaction with other bloggers. In fact I probably wouldn’t enjoy this anywhere near as much if I didn’t have that! 😀

        1. Totally agree 😄

  2. Yes, I also respond to comments – like you, it seems if people take the trouble to read AND then write about a post, then they should have a reply, or acknowledgement:). It must be hard for those who get dozens and dozens of comments a day, though… How do they cope?

    1. If I ever get that many comments I will let you know 😉 though I do know that some bloggers who have really popular linkys and things do always seem to make the rounds so it must be possible – and a state of mind maybe. Seeing it as important as all the other parts of blogging…which it is. Like you say it’s the acknowledgment people have taken time to comment, even if only a little – they still didn’t have to.

      1. Yes! That’s my feeling:)

  3. Oh, I love your reply! You have expressed my feelings exactly. And I really like your analogy about commenting and speaking to someone on the street. It is indeed rude not to reply. Commenters have taken the time to say something about your post after reading it. They don’t have to. I think a lot of people don’t even read an entire post. Instead, they just skim it, and move on to another blog. So it’s really important to respond to those who DO read the entire post, and react to it.

    Even if I get a little busy, I make every effort to reply to comments made on my blog. I also comment back on the commenters’ blogs. Blogging takes place in a community, not a vacuum, after all.

    Thanks for your thoughtful, detailed reply! Also, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my own BBH post!! Have a GREAT weekend!! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I agreed with your comments too on your post. For me, commenting on what other people write, in response to my posts and in their own posts, makes me feels like I’m part of something. And when I comment on other blogs it’s because people wrote something that made me stop and read and I’m acknowledging that too. Here’s to many more comments in the future!

      1. AWESOME!! Thanks!! 😃😃😃

  4. Wonderful reply as always.

    I always comment on my blog comments.

    As you said, it is polite and so fun to have the interaction.

    Have a great weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

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    1. Thank you. It really is fun to go out there and meet new people, even if it’s virtually!

      1. Oh yes…a lot of fun and wonderful meeting other folks.

        Meeting other bloggers is my favorite thing about blogging other than the comments. 🙂

        1. I would love to meet some in person one day…

  5. A great reply to the posed question – I feel like we’re entirely on the same page in terms of commenting! The commenting aspect is probably my favourite thing about blogging.

    1. Thank you. It’s one of my favourite things too. It makes me feel connected and I feel like I learn so much from others.

    2. It is such fun to meet other bloggers. I met a few at the BEA.

      If some lived close, I would get together with them.

      1. I bet. I hope to get to some events soon so I might manage it.

  6. Yes, just like you, I reply to all comments, usually quite quickly – I try not to post on days when I won’t have a bit of time later to answer comments. I do think it’s good manners, and I do also do what you do – for people I don’t already follow, I make a point of visiting their blog, nosing around and leaving a comment, and very often following them too if it looks like we share some tastes. A great way to make new blogging friends! And the comments are what makes blogging worthwhile for me…

    1. Definitely a great way to make new blogging friends.

      1. Without a doubt! And even if most of us never get to meet in person.

    2. Oh I never thought of timing posts like that but it makes sense. I tend to do most of my visiting and commenting first and last thing in the day so it comes in flurries.

  7. I agree with you whole heartily. I do the same.
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    1. Great minds think alike 😄

  8. Yes baring a few time-limiting events I always respond to comments – sometimes it takes a day or so but I do try to make sure I have a catch-up at the weekend if I’ve got too busy in the week – it is simply good manners to respond and when I do so I like to take a look at their blog (if they have one) in return. It’s amazing what you find that way and is how I’ve ‘met’ so many great people in the community.

  9. I always respond to comments. Maybe not immediately, but at least in a day or two. I think if someone takes the time to comment on your blog, it should be acknowledged.

    1. I agree, and I think it shows respect but also helps you engage with people and find new blogs. I think it’s one of my favourite parts of blogging. Have a good week.

      1. Thank you! You too! Happy reading! 😃

  10. 95% of the time I do. I occasionally take a Sunday off and when I am ill I have learned to let go even when it’s hard. I get a lot of comments and usually spend a minimum of 2 hours on week days and on Sunday’s for the Sunday Post it can take me up to 8 hours to respond and visit. I started having little panic attacks when I fell behind – thankfully some of my blogger friends told me to let go and it reduced my stress.

    1. I see how many comments you get and it must feel like a full time job. I think letting go is the right attitude, if you can’t get to them, you can’t but it’s the making the effort and I know I appreciate your taking time to reply, Thankfully I don’t have your problem so can respond without having to give up on or sleeping 😄

  11. I make an effort to respond to all the comments people leave me on my blog too. And like you, I am not always able to do it right away–but eventually I am able to get to it.

    1. I think it is important- it shows that you are bothered that people have visited and don’t take it for granted.

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  13. I agree I always leave a reply and in fact have made friends with many authors from them leaving comments.
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    1. I think it’s the only way to go – making comments – so good you have met people, and authors, that way 😄

  14. I always reply to comments! It’s so exciting to know someone has taken the time to read your work and make a comment, I want them to know I appreciate it 🙂

    1. Me too! I make sure I make time each day to respond. Thanks for visiting 😄

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