Book Blogger Hop: Inspiration and Motivation

imageI’m joining in with Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer‘s book blogger hop again this week, where they post a question which you and other bloggers answer, hopping from blog to blog to see people’s answers. This week, the question is…

Where do you find motivation and inspiration for your blog?

I’m going to answer this in reverse because the inspiration part is easy…it’s the books I read and the desire to share my thoughts on them, especially when they are good, with more than my family, friends and monthly book club. And it’s other bloggers whose sites I sometimes think I might be addicted to visiting, the books they recommend and the passion they feel for the written word.

The motivation is harder to answer because, in the grand scheme of things, blogging does normally come last. Time, or lack of, is at the bottom of it. At the risk of sounding like I’m moaning about work, I do find my job all consuming at time. Then there is family time. With what is left, reading takes precedence and all the things I would like to do to make my blog look and feel how I really want it to fall off the end.

Sometimes, this is frustrating. Most times I am very philosophical about it…it’s a hobby after all. How about you, how do you find inspiration and motivation?




  1. So much of what you say hear chimes with my feelings – I’m far more highly inspired than motivated at times – like you I have a busy full-time job which is mentally demanding. When I finish a day’s work I want to relax, to relax I like to read, and so I find as the week goes on making time to add content to the blog becomes harder – I try to do most of the week’s posts at the weekend but that can feel like a chore if I’m not careful and of course there are real people that need to be seen and cherished! So while I love reading other blogs and I get so inspired by the books everyone writes about their bookish habits etc., sometimes it is harder to work on my own!


    • It does get harder as the week goes on you are right. Reading is so good to decompress but do I really want to fire up the laptop again to write? I use my iPad a lot and so reading other blogs can be easier than working on my own, plus I can dip in and out. I should try some scheduling on a weekend but I get here and I’m too lazy.

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    • I sometimes feel like there is never not something on is my problem- though it’s a trip to IKEA this morning so looking at blogs is a better use of my time I feel!


  2. Great answer! Books are definitely the main source of motivation and inspiration for all of us bookworms/book bloggers!! And other bloggers inspire us as well! It seems that most of us feel the same way about what drives us to blog about books.

    As you say, blogging is a hobby, but I feel just as you do — I wish I didn’t have to work, so I could dedicate more time to it! And I only work 20 hours a week! Lol.

    My problem is different from yours, though. I tend to spend too much time blogging, and not enough time reading books. I guess I do feel some pressure to post as often as possible, even though there’s no boss telling me to do so! Ironic, right?

    Thanks for sharing your heartfelt opinions! Have a GREAT weekend!! : )


    • When I started blogging I felt like I needed to post more. Now I post when I read a book and I’ve found a few linkys I like and that keeps me happily posting. I would love not to work…or make reading my job ๐Ÿ˜„


  3. Blogging is not at the top of my priority list, and so I can relate to much of what you said in regards to motivation. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to do it, and that impacts motivation. It sounds like we are similar in where we get our inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚


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