Tuesday Intro: Her Mother’s Shadow

imageThis week, I’m linking up again with Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea who hosts a post every Tuesday for people to share the first chapter / paragraph of the book they are reading, or thinking of reading soon. I really enjoy these tasters when I read them on other blogs so wanted to join in.

This week, I’ve picked up the third book in the Keeper of the Light Trilogy by Diane Chamberlain, having read the first two in the trilogy over the course of the last year or so.  I’m keen to find out how it all ends for the family at the centre of these stories and looking forward to visiting the outer banks once last time.

Here’s what it’s about…


Her killer is about to be released on parole. Only Lacey’s statement can keep him in jail. Lacey is facing the biggest decision of her life. Then her best friend dies in a car crash, leaving behind a grieving eleven-year-old daughter in need of a mother – a role Lacey’s not sure she’s ready for.

Two lives rest on Lacey’s choices. Two lives only she can save.


And here’s how it starts…

Christmas 1990

There was a cheer in the house in the heart of Manteo.  From the outside, the large two-story frame building that served as the battered women’s shelter was nondescript. There were no Christmas lights hanging from the eaves, not even a wreath on the door, as if the people who ran the house were afraid to draw attention to it, and Lacey supposed they were.  Cruel men had put the women and children here, the sort of men she had no experience with and found hard to imagine. But she could see the fear in the women’s faces and knew those men existed.  More than that, she did not really want to know.

What do you think? Would you keep on reading?



  1. Yes, I think I’d continue. I’ve read a couple of this author’s books. One I really liked and one I was not as happy with. Hope you trilogy concludes in a good way!


    • I hope it is. I do have to be in the mood though. They are always a bit emotional so I need to be prepared to (possibly) cry…not my favourite response to books, even good ones, so I chose these sparingly.


  2. I love this author, and have read several of her older books, but haven’t yet read this trilogy. Now I definitely want to do so! I’d want to start with the first book, though. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.


    • Definitely give her a go, especially if you like people like Jodi Picoult. This is a great trilogy but I don’t think there is a book of her’s I haven’t liked.


    • She’s very good at drawing you in I think – I can only take so much emotion though so once in a while is good for me here. And a nice break from all the death I have been reading about (again!) recently.

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