Monthly Round-Up: February, 2016

So February is one of those months where you can say where did it go…but it is only 29 days long so you also can’t complain too much about time flying. For me, it was a good month because work wasn’t too insane and I got a holiday in the middle of it. I also read some great books and some good books and not one that I wish I hadn’t picked up…

There weren’t that many but here’s what I thought about them…

Loved It: Disclaimer by Renee Knight where fact means fiction in this clever thriller / suspense debut.

Liked It A Lot:  One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis, the story of a woman who leaves her life behind but still finds everything falling apart.

Liked It: The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton, a far-fetched but enjoyable thriller involving a race across Alaska to save a husband and father.

Liked It: The Sisters by Claire Douglas, a good but not great debut about a twin trying to cope with the death of her sister by making friends with another set of twins.

I did read more but didn’t get them reviewed. What about you, what did you read…and what should I be looking for in March?




    • I couldn’t recommend either enough – both were great. I loved In a dark, dark, wood too. Very tense. Feel like I’ve been on a good book roll this month.


  1. I read Disclaimer not too long ago and quite enjoyed it.. It was a four star read for me. Uniquely told, I thought. I have The Sisters on my TBR currently.

    I did virtually no reviewing in February; I read a couple of good books though. I ended the month with A Suspension of Mercy by Patricia Highsmith – great read!

    Happy March!


    • I blame the short month for my lack of reviews…and an almost two week break. Odd with Patricia Highsmith because that’s the third time I’ve heard good things about her this week – she was featured on Radio 4 and on another blog. I feel I am being given a sign to read her. 😀


  2. I don’t review every book I read, otherwise I would go off reading! I have seen a number of readers having read The Quality of Silence. As I don’t read many thrillers I haven’t got to it. I can’t get over the number of books with sisters in the title. I suppose once I became aware then I noticed it more! Hope March is a great reading month for you.


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