This Week, Next Week: 28th February, 2016

It had to happen (because it always does) but a week after my hols I am full of cold. Does anyone else find that – the moment you let your guard down, you get sick? It could also have been that I spent two days sat in meeting rooms with people who were too sick, really, to be at work. Lots of sniffling and snuffling. It’s one of my pet peeves – are any of us that important that work won’t go on without us? Do you really need to come in and share your germs? Sorry, I’m feeling grumpy.

On other, more positive notes, the sun is shining today, even if it’s cold and my new kitchen has – finally – been fitted after weeks of living in chaos and eating everything microwaved.  It’s the first time in 10 years we’ve had a dishwasher and I couldn’t be more excited (it’s the little things!). I also managed to get two of the three reviews up I’d planned for – good going for me….

The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton was a fun, if far-fetched, thriller about a mom and her daughter racing across the Alaskan wilderness to save their husband/father. I really enjoyed it, even if I did have to suspend belief more than one. I loved Disclaimer by Renee Knight though, which was a clever idea of a secret being told through a novel that kept me turning the pages.

Reading wise, I read Harry’s Last Stand and Hide by Lisa Gardner and started The 39 Steps, all of which have been on my Kindle for ages and I was starting to feel guilty about not having read (links to Goodreads).  I should finish that this week but have no idea what I’ll be reading next. What about you? What are you reading? How has your week been?


This week, I’m linking in with Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post and with (a little early) Katherine at Book Date for It’s Monday, What Are you Reading? Head over to see what other bloggers have read, written about or just added to their shelves.

The Sunday Post


  1. Oh, I am with you on that thing about sick people staying away, not sharing their germs. I was amazed at how seldom I got sick once I retired from the career that had me sharing space with too many people!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I enjoyed two books by Lupton, but have been reluctant to read this one. Maybe I’ll give it a try now.

    I loved Hide, by Gardner, and read one of her books this week. Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES


    • My mom says the same about retiring – though my dad still brings home the office lurgy. Thankfully a day at home today has helped and I have a day off tomorrow so should be all fit by mid-week!


  2. I’m glad your kitchen has been fitted Emma – that would be lovely to have a new kitchen (not to mention the dishwasher!).

    Sorry you’ve been sick and hope you’re on the road to recovery! Glad the sun’s been shining though!


  3. Yeah I always got aggravated when sick people came to work and then I got sick. LOL. Hope you feel better. 🙂 Disclaimer is a book I wanted to read but never got to, so thanks for reminding me of that one! Hope it warms up there, I’m ready for spring too…


    • I know there is sometime pressure on people to turn up to work but I (thankfully) don’t work in that type of company so I just don’t get it. Read you had snow – that I would like, just once this year.


  4. I get sick every time I’ve been really busy. My husband tells me that I’m not from hardy stock and I have to admit that’s probably true! I can’t stand when people are out and about sick. My mother’s one that drags around talking about how she feels bad when if she’d just go to bed she’d feel better much quicker and not spread all her germs about! Have a great week and feel lots better!


  5. The Quality of Silence has an awesome setting hmm maybe I could just swallow the pill and ignore how far-fetched it is! Yay for a finished kitchen and is all about the little things!! Have an awesome week 🙂 and feel better.


  6. I think a lot of work places don’t accept a bit of snuffles as a sufficient reason to call in sick no matter how crappy it makes you feel. Or want you to call in better quicker than you should. It’s where I’ve been getting all my colds from. It sucks for us though. I hope your cold goes away soon.


    • It is so counter productive really. Just passing germs around. I was a good girl and stayed off today (though I did work from home) rather than go into the office. It was good for my physical and mental health I must admit.


  7. Yup – sounds like you have every right to feel stabby, I used to get so annoyed with those who came to work sick to pass it on to others. Hope you are over it soon


    • I like that word. Am over it I think thanks to two days of pretty much doing nothing. Am praying the next two days, where I have to travel don’t undo my good working!


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