Library Check Out: October

As you may know now, I am a huge fan of the library and, this year, have been doing a library challenge.  I really don’t know how my bank balance would cope without free books or how guilty I would feel about the books I’ve tried and failed  to read over the years if I’d paid for them all. I probably don’t do enough though to really sing the praises of the library and show just how wide a range of books you can get.

Last month, River City Reading started a new linky – Library Check Out – and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start highlighting and promoting library books so, this month – a few days late, I must admit – I’m joining in. The idea is to list books you’ve read, books you’ve loaned out, books you returned unread and those on hold so here goes….


Compared to other months my library reading has been quite low, mainly I think because of moving house. It’s meant a new library and less time to browse the shelves.

(clicking on the titles should take you to my reviews)


Currently On Loan

Next month should hold more reads as I already have four books out on loan ready to read.


You can read overviews of them all here.

For books returned and books on hold, I have none. I must admit I rarely reserve books, just turn up and see what’s on the shelves. Not reads usually do occur but not this month so it’s been quite a good one in that regard.

How about you…have you been using your library? what have you read?


Interested in what others are reading head over to River City Reading to find out.






  1. Ooh some fab-sounding books! I’ve read Eeny Meany and it’s good, a bit different to other thrillers. I’ve actually got a few of the other book on my TBR but haven’t read them yet. Have a fab reading week!


    • The problem is books never seem a luxury do they so you can’t help stocking up whenever you get a chance. I lived with stacked shelves and bedside tables. Then pass the rest on to my mom or book club.


  2. I’m so scared that if I just showed up at the library and browsed, I would walk away with even more! I feel like I need to put on blinders when I go in and get out as quick as possible. I hope everything with wrapping up the move goes smoothly and you have time to get settled!


  3. I so wish my library had any books by Tove Jansson. I love visiting the library and browsing, but it doesn’t happen as often as I would like. So putting books on hold and then just hopping in to pick them up is perfect for us. We can easily squeeze that in on the way home.


    • I always try and get at least one book by an author I haven’t read from the library. It is a bit random and often based on covers…but it works for me 😀


  4. I used to only use holds if I wanted a book that was currently checked out, but now I put nearly everything on hold so my library trips are just in and out. I really miss spending time browsing the shelves, though.


  5. I love the varied selection that you are getting from the library. I don’t currently use mine but when I get caught up a bit with my own bought books/won books/arcs, I plan to join and see just what it will have to offer me. I hope it’s as good as yours!


    • It allows me to take chances I might not if I wasn’t paying. Plus now I can get ebooks which is great. Means I can browse the shelves any time of day.


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