Tuesday Intro: 27th October, 2015

Once again this week I’m linking up with Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea who hosts a post every Tuesday for people to share the first chapter / paragraph of the book they are reading, or thinking of reading soon. I really enjoy these tasters when I read them on other blogs so wanted to join in.

This week, I’m reading Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica, which I bought a while ago but have only just gotten round to reading, despite really wanting too as I’ve heard nothing but good thing. Here’s what it’s about…

imageShe sees the teenage girl on the train platform, standing in the pouring rain, clutching an infant in her arms. She boards a train and is whisked away. But she can’t get the girl out of her head…

Heidi Wood has always been a charitable woman: she works for a nonprofit, takes in stray cats. Still, her husband and daughter are horrified when Heidi returns home one day with a young woman named Willow and her four-month-old baby in tow. Disheveled and apparently homeless, this girl could be a criminal—or worse. But despite her family’s objections, Heidi invites Willow and the baby to take refuge in their home.

Heidi spends the next few days helping Willow get back on her feet, but as clues into Willow’s past begin to surface, Heidi is forced to decide how far she’s willing to go to help a stranger. What starts as an act of kindness quickly spirals into a story far more twisted than anyone could have anticipated.

And here’s how it starts…


The first time I see her, she is standing at the Fullerton Station, on the train platform, clutching an infant in her arms. She braces herself and the baby as the purple line express soars past and out to Linden. It’s the 8th of April, forty-eight degrees and raining. The rain lurches down from the sky, here, there and everywhere, the wind untamed and angry. A bad day for hair.

What do you think – if you’ve read it, should I carry on – if you are one of the few that haven’t (or so it seems), would you continue reading?


  1. LOL – I doubt I’d be worried about my hair in that situation. I am curious about the baby and what’s up? I would read more.

    1. Maybe your mascara running? It does seem to be turning into a page turner.

  2. Good Girl is on my TBR and I’m curious about this one. I’d keep reading!

    1. I did enjoy Good Girl and would definitely recommend it. This seems good too so far. Maybe more so.

  3. I loved this one…and The Good Girl. You should definitely keep reading! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

    1. I think yours may have been one of the reviews that made me buy it. Strangely it was on iBooks though so I forgot I had it as I never normally use it.

  4. I haven’t read it, but I would keep reading. Girl Who Reads

    1. I thought I was the only one. I have read her other book, the good girl and enjoyed that so hoping will this one as well.

  5. I’ve been seeing this one around and am really curious about it. I like the intro. I love rainy days, but wind and rain always make for bad hair days. 🙁

    1. I have really short hair now and I still hate what the weather does to my hair!

  6. Sounds like a good story, based on the synopsis. But I was surprised that the narrator seems concerned about the effect of the weather on her hair, rather than feeling compassion for the young woman. Maybe the next few sentences show her reaction to the woman and baby. I’d keep reading to find out more.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

    1. Yes, I think it’s supposed to show a little the way living in a city makes you accept things or not even notice them.

  7. I’ve read it and absolutely loved it so I suggest you keep reading 😉

    1. I can see why (so far). I cannot figure out how it will end.

  8. The last line makes me laugh! I’ve been wanting to read this author… would certainly continue.

    1. I can see why people have enjoyed it. It really is a puzzler. I have no idea what’s going to happen.

  9. I want to read it.

    1. I have to say, so far, so good!

  10. I too have heard nothing but good things about this book and I do want to read it. I feel as if I already know the main character.

    1. She is definitely an interesting one…they all are and I’m enjoying the book a lot so far.

  11. I read it and I loved it. It’s worthy of the hype!

    1. There was a lot of hype but so far I have to agree it’s shaping up nicely. I think I’m enjoying more than Good Girl.

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